Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sexy Sundays: In Your Eyes

This week's feature is somewhat similar to of last week's in the sense that they know how to turn things up to the MAX. The artist here has so many songs that make you think the wrong thing, that it was hard to narrow it down to one.

I selected this one because it's one of my favourites, and nothing seems more powerful than a feeling, especially when you know that you want them. On such a high, there is no reason to come back to earth when this emotion is taking over you. The rest of the world fades away, as there are two that remain, left in a moment... I mean, how more romantic can it get? Add a funky disco tune to it, of course! Plus, there is no denying that her body is amazing! And if you look at her recently, she still looks the same. It's amazing that she is 44, really!

Now here is her song, oh so colourful and wild - just like love:

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