Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Milkshake

Today, I just finished a series of concerts (I might make a posting on that, not exactly sure just yet!) And the only thing I was craving for was one of these... And if it was made by her, I might have just bought one at the amusement park d":

But let's talk about this song: it was the one that got her name out there, and who knew that a frosty beverage could be even more satisfying? Whatever she puts in it, the boys come running back for more. With the *dings* and the booty-bopping beat, there is no denying that something so innocent would become one interesting song! In fact, it's so popular, it was used in this show and this show - both were certainly entertaining ^^ But if it there was one thing that it reminds me of, it goes to this film. Yeah, their attitude perfectly fits the bill to this tune c";

And here you go, the song that makes me crave for a creamy, delicious beverage:

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