Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sexy Sundays: I Like The Way

I think the name of the band pretty much sums up what I want to do when I hear this song: to rock that body ^^ I didn't know that there wasn't a music video ever created - another song will be featured later on this list.

Let's get to the song shall we: DJs, slow talk, guitars, pump-up jam... What is not sexy about this song? I thought it was actually older, but it was released in 2005. Seven years later, it's still so sex (refer to this video for that term.) Maybe it is easy to turn someone on by simply saying what they enjoy about you, maybe I should try it one time... maybe! What I couldn't believe about this song was the fact that it has been used in commercials, movies, TV shows (this one is cool!) But still, an easy concept with an awesome tune to dance along. And when the dancing gets hot, just need to cool yourself off sometimes. All I want to say is 'enjoy it while it lasts,' and I shall leave you with that thought.

Perhaps it is better that they didn't make a video? That way, the imagination can be wild (or tamed) as you like. Here you go, ear-gasm:

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