Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Sweetest Sin

Another lady on the list? Let's get this going... This week's selection is a wild fantasy come to life, all courtesy of Jessica Simpson. You have to admit that she is a beautiful woman, and this era definitely proves it.

Despite what you think of her, this is a very satisfying song, from her airy voice to the mystical sounds in the background. She is talking about the power of touch, and how it can heighten one's sensations; Seems that it is the simple pleasures that make the biggest impression. And the video: wow. Who knew that such dreams could be wild and exotic? Here she has her then husband Nick Lachey, and you have to admit that they were one of the best couples in the entertainment industry... Oh well, at least there is a video to see the passion they had for each other.

Making love on the beach, enjoyed to a guilty pleasure filled with some romantic (and suggestive) activities... Yeah, that much sums up the artist's point of view in the song. I shall say no more, and leave you with the music video - enjoy it:

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