Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 100 of 2012: 30 to 21

Well you got what you want, what you never knew

   030 Katy Perry - Part Of Me

Pretty sure we all know who this song is directed to... But let's not focus on that. This was released in the beginning of the year, and I almost forgot to add it on the list! She's taking a stand, wanting nothing to do with her past love. And when it's put to a high-beat sound, it becomes fun. Perry does know what's she's doing, and whatever the inspiration was definitely helped her in the end. Bravo.

029 Foster The People - Houdini

I saw them in concert, and it was so weird... But I enjoyed every minute of it! This song is a crowd pleaser, and it's the sound that I enjoy from them. Sure, I may never understand the lyrics, but I'm still having a good time (I bought a tank top with words from this song XD) And the music video gets me questioning: are there people who we still think are alive, but is most likely a puppet-robot-droid-thing?!

028 Kristina Maria - Our Song Comes On

This right here is my jam! I find pleasure in a song that is rather upsetting and sad - it's probably because of the bass-boosting sounds in the background. But it's strange how memories of the past make people sad, don't you think? Somehow it creeps up in the mind, and you can't control yourself... That's how I feel, except I want to sing it real loud and dance all my problems away. Hooray for Canadians :"D

027 B.o.B - So Good

It's likely that the melody is what I enjoy most... I mean, piano! But B.o.B is one of those acts where you genuinely enjoy their music, and this one is solid. His raps are good, and his singing voice is attractive. He's not trying too hard, but it's enough to make this piece sound peaceful and a fantasy. Who wouldn't want to be treated like that - assuming that's your dream, of course. I know I would!

026 Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - Dance Again

Two Latinos pairing up again for another dance track. Although it wasn't as successful compared to their first run, this one has a more positive sound that makes you want to, well, dance again! I'll admit that I wasn't into it the first time I heard it, but with a few people singing along to it on a fun-filled day of adventure, and your mind has changed for the better. Oh J-Lo, you never disappoint in all ways.

025 Ke$ha - Die Young

She has created the perfect formula for making music, and it's amazing that she continues her success two years after her debut. Ke$ha makes party music, and that she does well. It's easy to pass the fact that she sing-talks in her songs, but it's too damn catchy! And have you seen her performance? Wow, that is a significant improvement. The lesson here? Stay true to yourself!

024 Anjulie - You & I

To be honest, I thought she would have been a one hit wonder... Good thing she proved me wrong! This is a better sound for her, I love the dance vibe she puts in here. From that guitar intro to the 'magical' refrain change, it's like one shining disco moment about to happen... But the video is far from what I imagined it to be ._. Let's see what she will bring in 2013, I'm now excited!

023 Dragonette - Live In This City

On this list alone, I have seen 3 acts this year (in total, that would be 6). And this was the first concert I saw this year - they didn't upset at all! When I first heard this, I was so giddy and excited for it... Then when I heard that it was going to be a single: words can't describe my happiness. Total fun-fest, and all I want to do is jump up and down like an idiot. And the video can be described as 'amusing' d":

022 fun. - Some Nights

From one hit to the next, these boys know how to keep them coming. It's an epic song, with choirs and heavy drums, and even hitting the high, high notes. If there is a song that is needed to be played aloud, it's this one right here! I really do hope that fun. makes more fun songs like this, because they had a great year so far - let's keep it rolling for them. After all, what are they waiting for?

021 Rihanna - Where Have You Been

Was first introduced to this song before it was a single. My cousin taught a dance routine for it, and it's quite sexy. First initial thoughts: not a fan of the instrumental breaks. By the time it became a single and the video came out, I was blasting this one in the car! I love the mystery/suspense vibe that comes along with it, and what seems to be a cheesy line becomes one attractive phrase... Bring in the heat.

And this list is complete! Let me know what you think.

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