Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top 100 of 2012: 70 to 61

I used to lie and think in clouds deciding which were queens, and which were doves

070 Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

At first, I didn't really understand why people were obsessed with this artist... After listening to this song, I understood why. What ever happened to music like this? He is really talented, and he has such a soft voice - it's really nice. All at once, it's passionate, sad, and hopeful. I hope that North America comes to their senses and play more material like this... Please Mr. Sheeran, break out here already!

069 Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)

I'll be honest, I was on the fence with this single. When it was originally released, I didn't want to listen to it... Then the radio begins to play it constantly over and over again. Eventually, I began to like it. And I think this genre works with Ne-Yo quite well. His lyrics are good, and although it begins to get repetitive, I think it's message that makes me stay for the entire 4 minutes - oh, and pianos.

068 Miike Snow - Paddling Out

Kind of like the previous song sound-wise, but with more energy. The background music is excellent, I'm not even paying attention the lyrics! It's fast-paced, and never a dull moment in this piece... That also goes for the music video (that would explain the twins on the cover). Such simple production with an odd recording, I hope this adventure only gets better.

067 Morgan Page ft Tegan & Sara - Body Work

This was solely based on the music video that made me like this song. I like the fact that Tegan & Sara are getting more attention every year, and I hope to hear more of their old material once in a while. Morgan Page definitely makes you workout to this song for a mellow piece - I mean, could be more lively. But he knows how to work it with such a wonderful collaboration.

066 Mika ft Pharrell Williams - Celebrate

Oh my, it's Mika! He is such a wonderful artist, and his exaggeration is the cherry on top. This song is quite inspirational, and nothing less but fun. There is no way that no one cannot smile to this, it simply wants you to jump out of your seat and dance like an idiot... I'm OK with that. The only thing I don't get is exactly where Pharrell's contribution is - if it's production, then he knows how to make art.

065 The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

Who are they, I'm not so sure... But their music is reminiscent of the 90s (that's always a good thing). There is no real message to it, but it's fun and has that 'serious' dance tone that you can't pass out when it gets played on the dancefloor. I mean, who goes out to chase the sun? It's going to come back tomorrow. Maybe that's the message: to never stop going at what you want. Hmm, that's favourable.

064 Dragonette - Let It Go

Oh Dragonette, it seems like they get better and better with every song. They know what they do best, and they deliver it like crazy! It's putting a powerful message to a danceable tune - what's not to love? I saw them this year, and they are a lot of fun despite Martina's petite size. Only recorded a little bit of the song... Too busy enjoying myself. Amazing as always.

063 Mia Martina ft Adrian Sina - Go Crazy

Her first few singles were interesting, but also tiresome (mainly because of overplay). But this song, I never got tired of. Although it can be easily passed as every other dance track, this one stuck with me. I do like her, she has such a delicate voice that mixes with strong sounds. What gets stuck in my head (apart from the 'oohs' in the song) is the image of dirty dancing couples to this song... oh, yeah?

062 Usher - Climax

Wow, this is quite suspenseful. This appeared before in my Sexy List, and there is no denying that people are into what they're into... I guess Usher is one of those people? But his falsetto is used interestingly, as it's not overused, and it actually makes it the best part of the song. It is different from his other work, and I do like it. I don't support the idea, but it's just a song, right?

061 Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

Finally, new music from Bruno Mars! At first, I was confused by the sound of it, because it was more... sensual I suppose. But it's not like he hasn't explored this route before (refer to video). Wasn't a fan of it at first, I'll admit! Give it a little more time, and I can't stop singing it - I'll blame it on his voice. He is talented, and he can do no wrong, even if the message is dirty. It's OK, he performed it at VS show.

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