Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 100 of 2012: 80 to 71

I could build a fort and play all day, between your lips and mine

080 K’naan ft Nelly Furtado - Anybody Out There

I like K'naan, his music always has a good message in them. And I like Nelly Furtado, she has a nice voice :"3 Put them together, it becomes a nice piece. Everyone wants to feel accepted, that they belong somewhere in the world; and I'm pretty sure we have gone through a phase like this before. It sounds wonderful, but something seems to be missing - can't put my finger on it though...

079 Chris Brown ft Rihanna - Turn Up The Music

It's a strange collaboration, especially with their publicized relationship. But I guess they put their differences aside to make this addicting hit. So I never understood why this wasn't played on the radio nor in the club though... Guess some people hold onto the past? They know what they're good at, and so it works. Who knows, they might record a duet one day... The music video here.

078 Knife Party - Centipede

First listening of this song, I thought I was being taught a lesson on the centipede... Fast forward it, and woah! It's one epic battle between whoever/whatever comes along their way. Pretty amazing when you listen to your friend's music, they take you places you have never been before. The video is very cool, it doesn't even make me scared of the insect at all - but then again, this artist also made this song.

077 Drake ft Lil Wayne & Tyga - The Motto

Rap music can be iffy most of the time, but this one just stuck with me. I was on the fence whether to add this song on the list since it did come out in November of last year, but I decided why not! Only heard of it this year. Apparently, this is a response to a Nickelback song? It's definitely interesting, and wouldn't have expected that. But, it's Canadians supporting one another I suppose! Eh!

076 M83 - Reunion

Let's just say that when I heard the song, the video that was accompanying it made no sense... At least the music video seems like something from X-Men. But it has such a good beat, and you don't even have to pay attention to the lyrics - it's basically a love song. It's like Rock music, but with a twist of Electronic. I think artists should explore this sound once in a while, very enjoyable ^^

075 Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen

Loved it the first second it was playing: ee ee ee, ee! I like her voice in the song, you wouldn't even recognize it from her previous works. It's rough, a little tough, and quite a headbanger for such a mellow piece. It's cool to see another side of her, but hopefully her songs don't sound all like this... I like her 'soft side.' Oh well, experimenting never hurt anyone.

074 Skrillex ft Sirah - Bangarang

I don't know if the lyrics make any sense, but it's enjoyable! If DubStep sounded less harsh like this, I think I would enjoy it much more. To me, this is like a showdown piece, like a battle is about to happen. And all of a sudden, BANG! it all goes down. But apparently, it's one of his Pop-iest songs that he has made... Just visit this once in a while? I like it!

073 Simple Plan ft Sean Paul - Summer Paradise

A summer song talking about a past summer experience... I guess it's considered an all-year round song, yes? I like the collaboration, very unique. But as always, can never understand Sean Paul, no matter how slow he verses -_-" But I like Simple Plan, they have good hits, and this blasted the radio during the summer - and you can still hear it once in a while. Perhaps I need to experience a summer love once.

072 Lana Del Rey - Ride

I didn't know who she was until this year, and after a few listens to her songs, I understood why people like her. She has this amazing voice reminiscent of the past... It's outstanding! And this song is mesmerizing, I still can't believe it's about Bikers and their lifestyle (I think I interpreted it wrong though). But this is talent, and hopefully she gets recognized big time next year!

071 Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

I have always liked Kelly Clarkson... Well, after she won American Idol. And 10 years later, she can still hold that title! And here is a piece that is wonderfully crafted - that, and I am a sucker for the intro of this song. This is true of everyone: there is this place that's not pretty, and one day there will be someone who will accept you for all that you are. A nice Pop Ballad, should have gotten more attention.

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