Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top 100 of 2012: 90 to 81

Yoga mat, Yoda flow, Canyon road, Hayden's house, Turn me up, fake me out

090 Wonder Girls ft Akon - Like Money

I think I found this song while searching around on the internet... What a nice surprise to hear from the Wonder Girls. I believe this is their second English single, and it's unfortunate that I don't get to hear this on the radio. Sure, their voices sound robotic, but that's K-Pop for you. And it doesn't hurt that they got Akon to help out. Actually, he helps a lot of artists. Good for him!

089 Rita Ora - How We Do (Party)

And party, and bull- it's a catchy line! Not exactly a party anthem, but it definitely gets you in the mood. This is like the easy-going, enjoying life kind of song. I do think she is talented, and hopefully she comes up with something more... creative? It's kind of reminiscent to this song in my opinion, but toned down. Good first single, let's see where she will go next.

088 k-os - The Dog Is Mine

So happy when I heard this! Again, why does good music come out during the last 4 months of the year? I am not complaining though! I love k-os, and this is an interesting sound from him. It's not Hip Hop at all, and I'm liking it so far. He is flexible with his music, and wouldn't mind if his album sounded more like this... But I still have to say that Atlantis: Hymns for Disco is my favourite album of his ^^

087 Justin Bieber ft Ludacris - All Around The World

I think this is a fun song, and what he says is true! People want to be loved, and they're no different than us d": The beat gets to me, it's very Pop-esque, and I like that he collaborated with Ludacris (guess you can say it's Baby 2.0) It's unfortunate that it wasn't an official single, because I would have definitely danced to this in the club. And that 'woah-oh-oh-oh-oh' part always gets to me!

086 Gym Class Heroes ft Ryan Tedder - The Fighter

Finalizing my countdown list, I was wondering what song was missing... This was one of them. It has a nice melody, and the fact they have Ryan Tedder in this song is good enough! Too bad it didn't succeed as well compared to their previous hits, I really enjoyed them when I saw them in concert. But if there is anything to take from this song, it's too not give up until you have given your all. Great advice.

085 B.o.B ft Taylor Swift - Both Of Us

Don't question the collaboration - I think it's quite genius. A little Country mixed in with Rap is usually a good combination; this is no exception. I want to dance ballroom style to this, even though the message is about being able to help not just yourself, but the one that you care for. It would be nice to hear more rap songs like this, because I'm pretty sure that there are enough of those foolish ones.

084 My Name Is Kay ft Pusha T - Strangers

I didn't expect anything quite like this from My Name Is Kay - I mean, look at her first single. But she does know how to make a song, that's for sure. This is showing her emotional side, and it comes out nice. I like her tone in this song, shows more depth to her. And the video: she's very pretty. Interesting concept, I would like to hear more of her next year.

083 Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound

So strange, but so good. Taylor Swift has a comforting voice in this piece, and The Civil Wars add this haunt that makes you scared (but yet, still trusted). It was a perfect piece for The Hunger Games, and there's no denying that it is a beautiful song. Almost a lullaby that can be sung to loved ones to reaffirm that they will be OK through troubled times. Very nicely done.

082 No Doubt - Settle Down

Does no one like the idea of bands reforming and releasing new music? I think this song should have been hyped up more than just one performance, this is a fun song! And not to mention, they look incredible! Like they have been preserved for 10 years, and poof! they came back with that Ska influenced sound from when they began in the 90s. They deserve more attention!!!

081 BoA - Only One

Who doesn't love Koreans? They make fantastic music! This list began with a Korean act, and ends with the Queen of Korean Pop! One day I was wondering where BoA went, and I found this single - it's so beautiful. Love the melody, and her voice is pretty when she sings ballads like these. And only she can make this song danceable... but if not, she also made a drama version (very nice).

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