Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Review: Bonus Round

我要把愛全都裝進行李 陪我一起 旅行

  Mika - Make You Happy

I thought this was actually an official single - instead, the music video is by an art student. But this is a wonderful piece by Mika, very calm and soothing. It's different from what his other material, and I think that's why I enjoy it so much. Hopefully it's a single for 2013, yes? :D

Cory Lee - Fashion Show

Wondering where she went! Too bad I only found out about this song now, I think it would have done well on my year-end countdown. It's fun and 'glittery,' just like a fashion show... In fact, the song was used to promote Asia's Next Top Model - I want to watch the show now.

Far East Movement ft Crystal Kay - Where The Wild Things Are

Oh my, they featured Crystal Kay in their song! That was pretty much the selling point. I forgot that they released another song this year - but I think this one is better. Why wasn't it promoted? That I don't know, it fist-pumping worthy, and they're doing what they do best: partying. Nothing wrong with a formula like that, right?

Big Boi ft Kelly Rowland - Mama Told Me

The voices sounded so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then by surprise, I found out that it was 1/2 of Outkast! No wonder why it's good, and Kelly Rowland adds a nice touch to it. But what I love most about this song is the rhythm - it makes it cute, yes?

Skylar ft Eminem - C’mon Let Me Ride

My thoughts at first listen: this is a stupid song. Thoughts after a few more: oh, it's pretty clever. She's poking fun at those girls that would go to such extremes for 'beauty;' but truth be is that not every girl is like that. Throw in Slim Shady, and it makes much more sense.

Swedish House Mafia - Don’t You Worry Child

From this song, I feel like you can put any subject line into a dance track... and it will still be amazing! What you are going through may be painful, but take it day by day and everything will be alright. I swear, good music gets discovered when I finalize everything -_-"

DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal - The Power

Those first five words that are spoken is all it had to take for me to get drawn into this song. So funky, that I don't want to do anything else but dance - just got to shake my groove thang. If any music needs to get big, it's this type of music. I think everyone would be happier if this got attention :"D

Tegan & Sara - Closer

Another great song from Tegan & Sara! But why only release it now?! They just keep making good music song after song... Me thinks they aren't going to rest anytime soon. Though I haven't seen the music video, I will say that this now makes me think this is a song to make out to with that special someone. I mean, it's a sexy song!

Not of 2012

Rizzle Kicks - Mama Do The Hump

Absolute fun! I thought this song would have a fun dance to follow it - nope, just a good song. Part oldie, part modern, and a thrill of a smashing time! I think there has to be more songs like this out there, just to have a ball.

Jojo - Disaster

I like Jojo, her voice is incredible; so I don't know where she has gone. This was released in 2011, but I found out of this song in the beginning of the year. Not successful compared to previous work, but she is definitely growing up. Hope her music gets noticed again!

Agnes - Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

She like Leona Lewis of Dance music... The problem? She is underrated. Agnes has a wonderful voice, and she has the formula for good songs! This is quite a stunning piece, and I hope that she continues to go down this path - I'll still be listening to her.

Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You

My cousins showed me this song, and I was surprised! Recently, Bareilles has been making more 'upbeat' music (not that her previous work were gloomy or anything) but it's full of life! Especially the music video, it's hilarious! Please don't stop making music Sara!!!

Asian Music

Kimberly Chen - 愛你

So I joined a Mandarin singing contest, and one of the contestants sang this song - I was in love with it the moment it began. It's such a lovely song, despite that I know little of the message other than 'Love You.' It only took 3 months to find out the title of the song, thanks to him.

SHINee - Lucifer

The band, I have known for a few years, but didn't really pay attention to their music. I actually found this when I was baking with my friend, and I thought it was fun... Although I am quite confused with the title (I mean, why pick such a odd name for such a hip beat?)

GD & TOP - Don't Leave

Perhaps Korean music pairs up well with food? Was in a restaurant while this song was playing, and I couldn't let it escape from my ears! What I do like about Korean Pop is that they like to explore old sounds and reinvent the tune - and usually, that is a good thing :"D

Jolin Tsai - 日不落

Oh happy day! Whether you understand what the song is about, there is no denying that this is one excellent tune. I sang this at a Mandarin singing competition... Yeah, those were good times. Surprising facts: found this while watching TV, and this is a cover of an English song; the Chinese make it better d":

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