Friday, February 1, 2013

Ooey Gooey Lovey Goo: Dance With Everlasting Love

February is here, and that means only one thing: Valentine's Day! Whether you have someone or plan to spend that day by yourself, you can't help that some love songs out there make your heart feel happy. So here are some songs that best represent the emotion (provided by yours truly).

I will be posting two songs per day, because I have too many songs to talk about. Tried to pick songs I haven't posted about before, and hopefully you enjoy them ^^ OK, let's get this cupid mix going on!

Try all you want, there's no escaping that funny feeling

01) Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

For those who are looking for love. There is no shame if you are on the quest to finding the one who will rock your world. I mean, it can't simply be just anyone now, can it? It has to be the right one. And Miss Houston says it perfectly... Don't you want to dance, say you want to dance:

02) Robert Knight - Everlasting Love

This is what we are looking for, isn't it? That love that you can't deny, no matter how hard you turn it away. It must a be love that's worth fighting for! So simple, yet it melts your heart by its quirkiness and nostalgic sounds, don't you think? Nothing better than a man saying you're the one:

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