Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kiss Me, My Middle Name Is Patrick

It's that time of year where you get to pinch someone who doesn't wear green! Or drink green beer, whatever you prefer. I like to call this "My Holiday," mainly because my middle name is Patrick d": But enough with the nonsense, here are some musicians that are proudly Irish with some that I didn't know myself (I just assume everyone from Europe is from Britain, I'm sorry!) Check out the Irish acts to celebrate the holiday!

You make me feel funny when you come around...

One of the most famous bands to come out of Ireland, it's no surprise that they make this list! Their music is always good, but this one got me most excited. Part of it is due to the video (amazingly cool), or was it the commercial? Either way, they know how to keep moving forward. Hope to hear so much more from these Irish fellows ^^

Enya - Orinoco Flow

Didn't know she was actually Irish until I did my research - and it's easy to pick my favourite song from her. I remember this song since I was a child (the memory that keeps coming back to me was this river ride in Las Vegas, I doubt it's there anymore). Such a soothing sound it has, it's no surprise why people love her (even though I am not familiar with her current music). May more success come her way!

The Cranberries - Linger

Not sure if my parents listened to them, or if it was my nanny... Or if I'm confusing them with another band that begins with "The." But either way, it seems that the Irish love their Soft-Rock, because this piece from them is oh so wonderful. They are still making music, but I consider this my favourite song from them. When I have the time, I must see what their current sound is like.

Westlife - World Of Our Own

In comes my Hit List days, where these boys were the rave. So it gives me such pleasure to say that they are from Ireland, not Britain! If you were a child born in the 90s, you probably know them, bombarded with every single they released. Lately I have been re-listenting to this gem, and I can't believe how much I actually miss this song. Oh Ireland, please come up with another boy band!

Ronan Keating - Life Is A Rollercoaster

Actually, I didn't really enjoy this artist when he was popular. It was from this movie where I began to take an interest in his music. I guess being the theme ending for a movie really does the trick. But before being a solo artist, he was part of a boy band (try to figure out which one is him!) Perhaps some people age better than others d":

B*Witched - C'est La Vie

The only girl-group that I know from Ireland... Coincidentally, it is also the most folkiest, dirtiest song on the list. Loved them ever since their first single, but now I look at it entirely differently now that I know what the song was about. If anything is true from the 90s: they had some provocative music going around. Who knew the Irish could be naughty. Got to love childhood.

The Corrs - Breathless

This is a pure radio hit. I think it was my brother who told me that they were actually folk artists (but this sounds Pop?) He was doing research for a school project about Folk Culture I believe, but this is far from it. Not really sure what happened to them, but they had disbanded. Hey, at least they left good music behind :"D

The Script - Breakeven

For a period in time, this was my favourite song. I just loved how it sounded, how sad it was (even though it made me feel good listening to it). I wouldn't call them one-hit wonder, they have been making music that isn't as mainstream compared to their first single... I wish the radio would play good music like them. But oh well, that means more discovery in songs that I like... They will be no exception.

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes

You probably know them as the band who made this song, but I enjoy this one much better. Finally he knows what he was looking for all this time, and he'll feel fulfilled with one little answer... Hopefully you make the right decision. Oddly enough, it was used to promote a film which occurs in Ireland! What are the chances of that happening? If anyone knows what love is all about, ask the Irish.

Samantha Mumba - Baby Come On Over

Just like another previous act on this list, I thought she was British... Thank goodness I'm wrong! She has fun, Pop-Dancey music that gets you off your feet and want to move (and hope to one day have her body!) Although she only had one album, her songs are utterly catchy. And her voice: damn, it's real low and definitely unique. Too bad she didn't make another album, I would have love to hear more.

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