Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Concert Review: The Lonely Hearts Club Tour

So, I spent money on yet another tour... But this one was generally cheaper compared to other concerts that I have been to, if I say so myself. To be honest, I think the venue should have been bigger.

On May 3, 2013, my friend and I joined Marina & The Diamonds in The Lonely Hearts Club. Let's look into it, shall we?

Welcome to Electra Heart

I really didn't know what to expect from this. My friend told me the last time she was here, she really enjoyed it. To her surprise, she said it was pretty much the same set. If it ain't broken, don't fix it (I suppose...) With a coat hanger, a broken television, martini glasses, and stuffed animals on stage, who knows what to expect. But before getting onto the show, let's focus on the important accessory:

Get your heart-on! Makes everyone look even better ^^ 

My friend drew my heart: it's wonderful!

I drew hers: a little too big, but oh well!

And like all good fanatics, we waited in line before the doors opened so we could be up front of the stage. And thus, the picture we had to take while lining up:

From here, they simply look like big moles d":

What else can you expect from a concert? An opening act. Originally a different act, Little Daylight came on stage. I must say, they have a different sound compared to Marina, not even remotely pop at all. Some songs were a bit... dull, but there were some awesome dance tunes. The only video I got was their closing song (stupid security, thinking that I'll sell the videos -_-") Anyways, let's get onto the photos:

Such a small girl, but a powerful voice that is addictive

They were a fun band for opening. I wish their setlist went a little longer. Oh well, onto the best part of the concert: Marina!

First thing off: I absolutely love the lighting from this show! I don't think there is any other concert that did it better than her. She made that little stage come to life with the theatricality that she provides. I was left in awe. Unfortunately, phone cameras can't zoom in that well, so all of my photos are from this point of view. My friend and I were originally going to stand in the front - but these tall people got to the very front. I mean, seriously, let the short ones in! Anyways, onto more photos:

How she entered the room: as a bride

Well, that bride concept didn't last long. Now she be a bubblegum b*tch

Now she introduces us to her stuffed pets. Again, apology for the quality

Now she be in mid-drift... So sexy

Special effects: wind blowing through her jacket!

If it couldn't get any sexier: all black. Aw yeah.

The eeriness of that Teen Idle song... Of course she plays the piano!

 Then she came out in a fluffy dress. Loved it!

 She is simply irresistible

A mannequin in underwear: trouble

A very flirtatious concert, I was quite surprised by her many wardrobe changes. I do wish the venue was much larger, because the energy couldn't be contained in such a little space. Although I didn't know many of her songs, the crowd exploded for her well-known tracks, such as 'Primadonna,' and 'How To Be A Heart Breaker.' I gave it my all during those two songs. As for the rest, we danced the night away to them. I love the crowd's energy, you can feel their excitement in the room (hooray for the girls and the gays XP)

She knows how to showcase her talents and her... assets. From where I was standing, you can she her 'curvature,' and we were quite far since we decided to sit down at the end.

The only thing that was a disappointment: the distractions. There were people who were just talking during the whole concert, not even paying attention to her. I mean, why even come if you just want to talk loudly to your friends?

What a wonderful show, I wonder what would happen if she had a bigger production show... I think it would even be better. Hopefully she breaks through in North America, because she deserves it. It's Pop music, but on a different level. From the glittery dance tracks, to the creepy songs of the wacky and tacky truth, her songs come to life in a short 20-songs performance... Needs to be longer! Wish I caught something on camera to show you the awesomeness of Marina. I have a feeling she will come back again - and hopefully to a much larger venue. She makes the lonely heart scream louder than one that is in love.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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