Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Old Music

I will admit: I am slow. Especially when it comes to following television series. I can go weeks without dying to know what happened since the last episode I watched. Don't know why, maybe turning on the television takes so much effort, and that seems hard. Let me explain the rest after introducing the song:

Little Big Town - Pontoon

So last month, I finally found out who won The X Factor, and I must say that it did go to the best singer in the competition. Each contestant got to sing a duet with a famous act, and this was the result. Although I thought it was a fun song, it didn't really catch my attention. That was then until I heard it again earlier this evening, and that funky introduction caught me off guard. Got to blame family, because you never know what kind of music they'll re-introduce you to. But he does make a good point: Country music is fun! And this is a summer hit (even though it's from last year). But who don't want to be motor boatin'? I for one, would love to. And there is no denying such relaxing voices this group has ^_^

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