Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Old Music

Today is Father's Day, and I must say my father has good taste in music. Although he may not listen to today's music, he has a fine selection with music that would be about his young adulthood. If there is anything to say, it's that the music back then are timeless pieces. Let's take a look!

Paul Anka - Times Of Your Life

One day, my father brought back a karaoke machine he got while on vacation. Excited as ever, I had to try. Not only the song selections were a wide variety, but it came with two microphones! Naturally, my father would pick up the other microphone. Letting him pick the song, he showed me this. He said I knew the song, but I had no recall of it. Instead, I learned the song - I fell in love with it. It's an excellent song for looking back at your life, looking at all of the great times then and to come. It was even used in a commercial for Kodak (not him singing though). I think I should ask my father for more music selections, they are good! The video above is a live performance, here is the recording.

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