Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Old Music

I have heard of this artist before, but I wasn't familiar with her music. It's funny how I found this song, and you may have heard it in the club once (or, a snippet of it at least). I'm surprised that this song is three years old. She has peaked more interest for me.

Uffie ft Pharrell Williams - ADD SUV

One day, I was at work and had to retrieve an item in the stock room. Then a song from a fellow employee who had to stay in the stock room was playing this from her phone. It's the part when she begins to sing the 'schizophrenic' and a bunch of other words I can barely understand. She's pretty much slurring the words, but I love that bit. Earlier I said that I heard this in the club, and I think this one is close to Club Remix, and here is another good one while I was trying to find the remix they use in the club. Basically, after her singing, the beat drops. Work hard, then play hard. Good music will always find its way back to you.

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