Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Old Music

So many boy groups out there, I had to share one I recently found about. It's amazing what you find when you spend endless hours on the internet. But let's not talk about what I do, and focus on the music here, shall we?

IM5 - Zero Gravity

I'm not sure how they got the name (other than the 5), but it seems simple enough to remember. The introduction may throw some off because it's unnecessary, but once it plays on, the sound is totally different than what expected. Instead of guitars and typical Pop/Rock, you get dance beats and choreography and awesomeness. I especially like how it builds up after the chorus, whipping out full energy. And if it wasn't enough, they are all in black & white - my favourite combination. Me wonders if they will stay with this sound, or explore others... Didn't see this coming from the first video I saw.

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