Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Old Music

How many songs have I posted that comes from a game? Let's add another one, because it's obvious that games know what is good - or bad - or, something that you didn't expect. Whoever is searching for such lost songs, they are doing a fantastic job at it.

The Relay Company - Animals

Think it's the beat that throws me off. They sound like a Rock Band, but changed the rhythm so it's more electronic. Like they morphed typical Teen-Rock with Amateur DJ techniques. Not sure if it's amazing, or terrible; but I can't resist its charm? Just listen to the song, the music video is off for me... Almost ruining childhood, but I think they didn't get the comedy note right on. Since this piece, their sound is more typical Teen Rock, and that sounds more like them. But this was certainly an effort for them, and should be looked at, just for kicks.

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