Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Old Music

I think this month will be dedicated to the songs I forgot that existed. This is what happens when new music is constantly coming out: you forget about the goodies that were already here. Oy vey, me and my curious allows my music library to slip out the outstanding pieces...

Kuba Oms - Electrolove

A little funky, with such a refreshing outcome. It's different from other songs, it stands out on its own. What I love about it is the refrain, the guitar  is a surprising twist to the lounge vibe it creates. What ever happened to this man? This song was always on the radio, and then it disappeared. So when I heard it on Galaxy (TV channel, only audio), I got that excited feeling just when I first heard it two years ago. An excellent example of good music that can never die. He better release something in the future.

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