Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Old Music

Once again, that song you completely forgot about, only to be re-introduced to it by unusual happenings… By that, I mean usually the 'random' button on the playlist, or from your brother in this case. So without adieu, let's get to remembering this song!

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight

So how does this happen: listening to this song all of last year (or the year before that) non-stop, and it eventually lead me to download the whole album just for the one song… Fast forward to today, and my brother re-intoduces this song to me while blasting it out of his speakers. But if I did pay attention to any memories of my childhood, I would have known that this song comes from the movie Love & Basketball, one of my cousin's favourite movie. It's amazing that this came out in 2000, and it's still gold. Goes to show that some films get it right with the soundtrack.

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