Monday, December 16, 2013

Honourable Mentions

I think I have a problem with music: I like too many songs. And that makes it difficult for me to conduct the Top 100 every year. But I somehow managed to do it! So that means, a bunch of them don't even get to make the official list. Here are the 30 songs that were close - they won't be forgotten.

Demà, només podrà ser demà...

To be honest, I actually forgot about this song x.x The translation for the lyric I added is "Tomorrow can only be," and it's actually a positive message! I found this while in Spain on the channel where they play music videos all day long. When this came on, I was surprised to find that it is sung in Catalan, an official language of Spain. This song is about enjoying life, taking it easy, and having fun. What more could you ask from a band that I have just discovered? And yes, this would make in total 31 songs in this list, but let's not get into details...

130 Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin’ On
The first act from the X Factor. They have so much potential, and this is alright for a starter.

129 Emblem3 - Chloe
The second act from the X Factor. Cheesy meets adorable meets a little bit offensive. But you get it.

128 Icona Pop - All Night
Just want to let you know: we're here to have fun! The lyrics could have more work on it though.

127 Jamie Lynn Spears - How Could I Want More
It's Britney's sister! She has an incredible voice! A little slow, but let's see where this will take her.

126 The Wanted - We Own The Night
Seems a little familiar tempo wise, don't you think? But nonetheless, another 'enjoy life' song here.

125 One Direction - Kiss You
Their 'heartthrob' song, and it works on so many levels. The video is fun, but not strong enough for me.

124 Katy Perry - Roar
I love this song when I'm around people who love this song… Blame the radio, they played it to death.

123 Krewella - Alive
The name of the band, I cringe. But their music was made for partying. And they are talented too.

122 Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker
A sad song, makes you wonder who would do that. I like it when his emotions are poured in a song.

121 Céline Dion - Loved Me Back To Life
Come on, it's Céline Dion! This just shows how strong her voice is after all these years. Well done!

120 Ariana Grande - Baby I
She knows the perfect formula: throw in old vibes to make a catchy tune. But she can do better.

Mariah being Mariah, with some help from a sexy singer… I think #Hermosa is a better video though.

118 Britney Spears - Perfume
A nice twist from Britney, but I still don't understand the video. It's great to hear a ballad from her.

117 Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision
Of all the songs from Justin, this one was most compelling. Too bad it wasn't a hit though, I loved it.

116 Maroon 5 - Love Somebody
I'm actually surprised by this position. If anything, this sounds like a tribute to 80s music (this and that).

115 Alex Gaudino ft JRDN - Playing With My Heart
Not bad for a dance track. I wish there was a little more to it, lyrically. But still, I love me some JRDN.

114 Ciara - Body Party
Look who came back, with a whole new level of sexy in here. Slow jams are here to stay… Awe yeah.

A funky beat with some surprising events (like, rapping?!) The music video was shocking though o.O

112 Tich - Dumb
I can't believe she barely got attention. I mean, how often you hear someone admitting they're wrong?

111 Alyssa Reid - Running Guns
Finally, she changes her genre of music - and I'm loving every minute of it. Keep up the good work!

110 Nikki Yanofsky - Something New
Remember her? I like that she's trying new sounds, and it's fresh. Hope to hear more like this soon.

109 PRTY H3RO - Life Of The Prty
I don't know what it is about this song, but I can't get it out of my head. Canadians know a good time.

This is mesmerizing compared to the original version. Shows that a remix can make a huge difference.

107 Betty Who - Somebody Loves You
From proposals to earlier postings, it's impossible to love this song. Again, shocked with the ranking.

106 Beyoncé Knowles ft Jay-Z - Drunk In Love
Surprise twist to the end of the year. Doing what she does best, this is quite different but in a good way.

From The Great Gatsby, it's no brainer why she's the lead song. I also like the Twice As Nice Remix.

104 Nelly Furtado - Bucket List
The true sound of Nelly is in this song! Something about it that I can't put in words though… that good.

103 Matt Cardle & Melanie C - Loving You
A simple song, but with excellent composition. Love the beat, with some strong vocals. Go Brits!

102 iSH ft Stef Lang - Rollin’
Pianos, rapping, with inspirational lyrics. Got to keep rollin' till a brighter day, whatever that may be.

101 Mike Posner - The Way It Used To Be
Poor Mike Posner. This too sounds like 80s music, and I'm complaining at all. He needs more attention.

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