Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 100 to 91

Might've had me caged before, but not tonight...

100 Michael BublĂ© - It’s A Beautiful Day

Let's start things with a great kick-off! It's fantastic what Bublé can create when it's his own music. The crooner took a different perspective when it comes to love, the aftermath of a breakup specifically. It may be hard, but when it's over, might as well look at the brighter side of things. Entertaining and highly hilarious indeed.

099 Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)

Fall Out Boy came back! I'm just so happy that they are making music again. This era is certainly more mature, the album is different from their previous work. That said, this song doesn't let go of their past identity, as the rally has just begun.

098 The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

A nice surprise to the end of the year… even though this song was released back in March. I guess it's only being played now because this time really is Sweater Weather. Honestly, I didn't think the song would have been approached this way (had a different sound in my mind). But that chorus is damn catchy. Please don't be a one-hit wonder.

097 Joe Brooks - ‘Til My Heart Stops Beating

Like I have said before, I just discovered him this year. So when I found out he released a song this year, I was excited. I mean, how can you not love this boy? It's typical that generally a new artist would sing something like this. But when it's love, it seems to be the only thing you think about, right?

096 David Guetta ft Ne-Yo & Akon - Play Hard

Sounds familiar? Sampling a song from what I believe is 15 years old(!), it still sounds fresh. Adding Ne-Yo and Akon actually gives that energy bolt the song needs. Without overcomplicating the production, there is a nice balance of something old and something new.

095 Mia Martina - La La…

She knows what she is good at, and therefore she continues it… Yeah, that was a pointless sentence. Other than that, I really liked this song more than the other singles she has released. I think this might be my favourite piece from her. But if she makes more songs like this, then it'll be a challenge in the years to come.

094 Jessie J ft Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal - Wild

Shaving her head was the best decision ever. I think it unlocked a force within her. Ultimately shedding the pop sound on this track, this single proves that she can conquer any genre. She's a boss in this track, with a little help from two rappers… Awe yeah, that's my jam.

093 Jason Derulo - The Other Side

Not going anywhere soon, this artist has a lot to prove, all in one song. From killer vocals, killer body, and a killer song, he puts everything in here. The problem? The death called radio overplayed this song. But from time to time, I will still enjoy this song. And how can you not love him? He even released a dance edit video. Let the man sing and dance, he is engaged to Jordin Sparks after all C":

092 Ke$ha ft will.i.am - Crazy Kids

I don't understand how this wasn't a big hit for Ke$ha. I really liked this song! Not sure, but I think will.i.am adds something that was lacking in the original edit. Is this a ballad? Somewhat, it's one of her softer singles she has released, and there is that nice balance of rebellion mixed with sadness. Can't put a point to it, but once it plays I'm in another world. May this Ke$ha rest in peace.

091 PSY - Gentleman

Gimmicky song of the year? Not exactly. Sexiest song of the year? I mean, have you seen the covers for the dance?! Oh My Gaw. And the song is not even sexy whatsoever. I think he's poking fun at the douchebags who think they're all that when in reality, they're embarrassing themselves. Oh PSY, you know how to make people dance (including those who can't!)

What you think so far? Leave a comment below! The next 10 come next day :"D

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