Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 20 to 11

But We Eat Wings And Throw Them Bones On The Ground

020 David Myles ft Classified - So Blind

The latecomers seem to have the biggest impression, don't they? There is nothing about this song that I would change, and it effortlessly drowns your sorrows to the bottom of the ocean. Very relaxed and calm, Myles has finally come to his senses and decided to move on… Anyways, there will be another woman who will appreciate all that he does. And with a little help from Classified, it shows that Canadian acts do have class, including collaborations with people who brought you a smash hit. I like his voice, I think there's something rich in it that I have yet seen in his music. But for now, this is a really strong single from him. Better see him on tour real soon!

019 Drake ft Majid Jordan - Hold On We’re Going Home

I believe Drake was inspired to do such a song based on Michael Jackson's works - and without a doubt, this single shows his personal side and that ever-so smooth voice of his. I really enjoy when Drake sings, because it's unexpected with the material that he releases. When it comes to rap, he's talented, but singing?! Wow, I can't believe he can reach such high notes first off! If he made a whole album like this song, that would be an incredible piece of art to hang on the wall d": But all in seriousness, the video was a little… cinematic, yet very creative for such a romantic song with an encouraging message of doing what feels right. Hopefully, there are more of this coming my way ^_^

018 Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller - The Way

So, who else thought this was Mariah Carey? I have no clue as to why I was avoiding this song when it was first released, probably because I didn't want to care about child stars that debut with a song. And gladly, I am wrong about this piece. Ariana Grande has such an incredible range, and adding Mac Miller makes this song sound more 90s than any piece that actually came from the 90s d": She understands what works with her voice, and because of that she has managed to make the best songs of the year. But all in all, I hope she earns more respect from people, because it would be difficult to differentiate yourself, especially when you sound like someone who is über famous.

017 Tyler Shaw - By My Side

Coming from British Columbia, this artist began his career by entering a contest from Much Music - and oddly enough, he is the only one who has gotten attention. This song can always put a smile on my face, because it works for him and he's being all cute in the song, which is all about conquering the world long as his love is next to him. He can play guitar too, as depicted in the video… in the rain, that is. But it makes me wonder if any one would go to great lengths if they felt as though they have met THE ONE. Nonetheless, this artist makes some fun Pop music for the Canadians, and soon enough he better be debuting in the States, because I think there is a need of more music like this - it comes out naturally, he's not trying at all.

016 Eleven Past One - The World Is Ours

Radio once played this song everywhere I went. I was thinking for sure this song would be the hit of the summer… When the summer came though,  this song was played rarely on the radio ._. I don't know what happened, I enjoyed this song. Even though it's a little too beach-lovin' spirit that is most likely to be played in tween stores, I was thinking, this is awesome! This song is not even that generic, it's actually sweet coming from a relatively new band. What sets it apart from other bands would be how the song is structured: the excitement comes from the chorus, but the most chilled parts are the verses… It's mind numbing. I thought this song would have been bigger, which saddens me because it had so much potential.

015 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton - Can’t Hold Us

These two young fellows must have had the best year. Not only do all of their singles get time on the radio, but they are great role models. They may not have been the first to stop talking about drinking and girls, but they certainly got the train rolling to make some meaningful Rap songs. This one though, wow. It's a great exercise song, it motivates you to not give up and you won't stop for anything. From trumpets to chants, this song is has everything that you could imagine. For them, this is like their shining moment of glory - but don't worry, more will come from these men. They are flawless, and may the be redirecting music towards a better future. Here's to the most epic duo of 2013.

014 Rudimental ft Foxes - Right Here

Another surprise to me, I only found this song a few months ago. I was looking for music by Foxes, but was disappointed by how long ago it was released. Looking for something current, I stumbled upon this piece. Let me tell you: there is a need to watch this video. It's captivating, and it adds more intensity to such a brilliant piece. It should be required that DJs collaborate with songstresses because those songs go only one place: up. This song is inspiration on a high note, as it doesn't even try to compete with other songs. Rudimental is on a league of his own, and damn right he deserves it! I do like how Dance music is leaning towards more motivating songs than songs about partying - it shows how much emotion DJ really feel.

013 k-os - NYCE 2 Know Ya

Now this is more like k-os! He hit it out of the park with this song, as he delivers what he is good at: funky beats and a nice blend of rap with singing. Throughout the songs he has been releasing, this piece is where k-os sounds most comfortable. It's not too daring, but that's what I enjoy about this song. It's about a break-up. and good riddance! Not a happy song at all, but the vibe wouldn't exactly be remorse. This song makes you want to move on for something better, whatever that may be. The ending is random, but it somehow fits the song quite nicely (even though it was cut from the video). Is it the best break-up song? Possibly, because it has that punch that you wouldn't expect from a k-os song… Comically hilarious.

012 Avicii ft Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up

The man responsible for starting a new trend. Who knew that Dance and Country would go so fittingly? Whatever comes out of the mind of Avicii, know that it's going to be epic. Teaming up with such an incredible singer Aloe Blacc, there is nothing that this song could do to be improved. There's rodeo, there's fist pumping, almost any dance imaginative can be put into this song. And it was hard to not know of this song - it was everywhere I went. Not only can this song be morphed into any genre, but it shows that DJs truly have a magic touch of combining what means most: powerful messages and beats that make you go crazy for. I can't wait to see what Avicii has coming next, watch it be Death Metal d":

011 Janelle Monáe ft Erykah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N.

Oh my, Janelle came back this year! I can't be more excited the fact that she released Electric Lady, and this era shows that there is no slowing down for this woman. She is my style icon, everything she wears looks beautiful on her, and she only does it in black and white. The song though, it's way more colourful than two tones. Whether you're weird or not, it should not make you different from anyone else. And if the song doesn't get to you, you better listen to the last verse. Preach it woman! I can't help but be fully satisfied from Monáe, she knows how to re-invent herself without the help of a wardrobe change. I really don't know what I would do with Janelle Monáe, she is everything that the world needs: respect!

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