Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 50 to 41

They Rule The Worst Of Me, Destroy Everything

050 Britney Spears - Ooh La La

The cutest song from the silliest movie that was hard to resist. From The Smurfs 2, Britney made the main theme just for her kids - isn't that adorable? But the song wasn't even clean in the beginning. Sung by Lola Blanc, this song was once naughty. I have no idea how they managed to tweak the song into such a sing-along, but that's the magic of song writers: they can do the impossible. Not really Britney's field, but what the heck! It's all in good, clean fun! May her children inspire her to do more too sweet it hurts kind of music.

049 Bonnie McKee - American Girl

You may wonder who she is, but I think she is someone you should look out for in the New Year. Originally a song writer, McKee has finally released a debut single despite penning a bunch of songs for several artists (including #50 on this list!) There is no doubt that she can make undeniably catchy music that slowly gets jammed into your brain until you decide to finally belt out that tune wherever you go. I love her look, she looks incredible for someone who is about to turn 30. Can't keep all that talent bottled up, just set it free for all to enjoy!

048 Jessie J - It’s My Party

I'm rather sad that this song was never released outside of Europe, I wonder why Jessie J hasn't gotten much attention ever since her since this was released. Adding a modern twist to not giving a damn, she wants everyone to have fun instead of sitting in the corner, playing with their phone and not caring whatsoever. After all, she's having a ball in that video… Then again, if it's your party, why wouldn't you be? Just get up and dance with me, because honestly, no one cares at all. Might as well be the goof you were meant to be d":

047 Christina Aguilera - Let There Be Love

This sounds like Madonna, doesn't it? I think Christina would do well if she made a Pop album again, something that's really fun. Lately, he material has been rather dark; this is the light shining in on Lotus. Although the song is rather simple, I feel like there so much energy to make this piece interesting. I do hope that Christina considers making a dance album, because she would kill on it… That, and touring wouldn't hurt instead of being on The Voice, right? Or (just an idea), do both at the same time! I need more Christina in my life, please ^_^

046 Eminem ft Rihanna - The Monster

These two are a perfect match when it comes to music, don't you think? From multiple pieces they have collaborated on, this one is no different. It's dark and mysterious, yet not quite insane. Don't try to save them, because they're already taken away by what's not seen by others. What makes this song crazy would have to be the second verse, which includes demon voices and yodelling - not what you would expect, but it delivers the message on point. A nice treat for the end of the year, Eminem comes to claim his spot in music just incase you were about to forget about him.

045 Pitbull ft Ke$ha - Timber

A party song from Pitbull - well, that's no brainer. I didn't expect that he would collaborate with Ke$ha, but it seems so fitting (after all, they just toured together). Did Country just become the new trend that everyone is following? I mean, even Pitbull makes Country work on his behalf. My cousin is obsessed with this song, and I think that Rodeo vibe has a charm that no one can deny. The video is quite random with Pitbull, but Ke$ha looks really good in it. This is what happens when you get Miami Heat mixed in with a dash of Tennessee: brilliance.

044 Tegan & Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye

The twins aren't going anywhere soon! When they focus on one theme, they go for it. I love how dramatic the sound is, how retro it sounds, and the message it delivers. It's like time travelling with this song, with the timeless message of leaving a lover that doesn't care anymore mixed in with new-aged methods of dumping that forgotten. It must have been a difficult process in writing this song, because there is so much emotion sung to a synthesizing beat that makes you want to dance all the pain away. Way to go Canadians, we know what rawness is :"D

043 John Newman - Love Me Again

I think I first heard this when I was in Spain, on the channel where they always play music videos. Ironically, it was first released in Spain as well (what a coincidence!) In Europe, they really know what's happening in music. His voice reels me in, because it's not deep, but very soulful. It almost sounds like 60s music, and he certainly dresses like he's stuck in the era - I love it! If North America wants to have good music, Europe needs to export it here, pronto! They have such an eclectic mix that I can't even handle all of it… But I need more! I need to keep an eye out for Newman, this is an excellent first single.

042 Selena Gomez - Slow Down

Mix in The Cataracs, and you've got a whole new Gomez coming right at ya! She keeps it classy yet sexy with this piece, being drawn in with her words of being taken away by a rhythm and a beat. If the music is good, why is there a need to rush things? She knows when she sees a good time, and that definitely includes some dance breaks in the song. Things will last longer if the song has a slower tempo, but in order to get there, a little speed won't hurt nobody. Oh Selena, how you do me so good? I love my wife d";

041 Rihanna - What Now

I really love this song from Rihanna, and especially the pieces she has been releasing. By eliminating the back-up vocals, her voice is now loud for all to hear. She tones down her usual appeal for something more personal, but she doesn't even understand what's going on. Is she in love? Why can't the answers come all at once? It's something we all go through, the doubt of whether or not something can last… We're all wondering after everything has happened, where does one go? Truly a wonderful piece, and I certainly love the direction Rihanna is going. I hope to hear more of this era in the coming future.

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