Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 60 to 51

Elegant But Yet So Grimy

060 Classified - Pay Day

Pretty much the anthem for every time you receive that cheque - time to waste it on things you don't need d": But it's such a happy tune, with an old school vibe - it's not of Classified to sing something like money, but it's hard to deny it for sure. And what he says is true: everything is about money, especially these days. Until we can get out of this style of thinking, let's enjoy what we have for today. Quite intelligible from his point of view, so hopefully Classified doesn't get sucked into too much typical Rap stylings.

059 Kate Morgan - Boys With Girlfriends

This is the cutest song I have ever heard. At first I thought this was Natasha Bedingfield, their styles are pretty similar. But this is about her liking someone who is in a relationship. Can't help yourself, especially if that boy keeps talking to you. I mean, that's not cool at all. So you can't help it if she wants to know what he thinks - and if you were in her situation, what would you do? And this song is not about cheating! More about curiosity than anything else.

058 P!nk ft Lily Rose Cooper - True Love

Now this is how a love song is done! Instead of the mushy things that are typical in a song, let's talk about the reality of it. P!nk successfully puts everything from killing each other to breaking hearts. This song actually took me by surprise by its light-hearted playfulness… Not really P!nk, but she makes anything good. If she ever made an album based around this song, I would certainly be interested in that - more love songs need that punch that most people don't give.

057 Serena Ryder - What I Wouldn’t Do

What is there to say about this song? It's part Folk, part chant, and awe-inspiring. Hope is never lost when two people are in love. When it comes to Serena Ryder, her voice has the texture that's not exactly smooth, but not raspy as well. So when she sings something cheesy like so, it's strange to find out how well it balances everything. It's the song that says 'I'll do anything for you, no matter what!' Oh, this song alone makes you want to fall in love just to say those things.

056 Robin Thicke ft T.I. & Pharrell - Blurred Lines

Everybody get up! I went from loathing this song to being okay with it to finally just giving up on it. So why is it part of the Top 100? Because of the appeal with everyone. And this song blew up for Robin, thanks to Pharrell & T.I. Though I cannot stand the 'woo' that comes every 4 beats, you can't help that this song is an ear worm that won't come out. I do not agree with the message, but when this song comes on, the people go crazy for it. Besides, he knows that you want it - truth be told, I do d";

055 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Schoolboy Q & Hollis - White Walls

When I thought they were done with releasing songs for the year, this comes out of nowhere! It may be the low point for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but like all good Rap songs, that beat. I am a sucker for good beats, especially that random part near the end of the song where the chorus comes in. This is the aftermath of the success: rolling out in stuff that your success can pay for you. But nonetheless, it's a fun song I'll be fist pumping to (that's still a thing, right?)

054 One Direction - Story Of My Life

So, these boys are not going to disappear anytime soon. Might as well share pictures of the past while we're at it. That is exactly what they do in this video. It's about sharing the memories to those who matter. To make everything feel comfortable, parts of you need to be revealed no matter how difficult they may be. Being yourself around others that you love is the most important way to allow others in, and hopefully those will accept you and one day be part of the story as well.

053 k-os ft Travie McCoy - C.L.A. (DreamMachine Remix)

I love k-os and everything he does. He really tried out every genre possible on his latest album BLack on BLonde. So when this came out, I was pretty much thrown off. It's more cynical than anything he ever made. I thought it was incredible. When I downloaded the song, I also thrown away again. Turns out, the first time I heard it, it was the remix. I prefer the remix just because it's so different from what he usually does, but Travie McCoy adds not much to the song. And the video? Not what I was expecting at all.

052 Rihanna ft David Guetta - Right Now

I don't know anymore with this song. It's not even an official single, but it never escaped the radio. They've been playing it since last year, but I highly doubt that she'll release a video for it. That being said, this song is absolutely hot! The production on it is killer, and her voice really suits the dance track. It may be a little too clean for Rihanna's image these days, but it's a song to boost-up the energy that was lacking before. To where she will go next? I hope she brings David Guetta along with her, especially on the next album :"D

051 Ciara - Overdose

Now this is a steamy and sexy song - even the picture for the single is too suggestive! But in my opinion, this is what Ciara is all about: the airy voice, the intensity, and the threatening romance all piled up in this song. I just can't wait for the video, I would imagine it to be just as sensual as the song. From the moment it drops, you are under a spell. Better not be giving all your love away to someone else, because she is hungry for more… And who wouldn't want to give it to Ciara?

Those are the 10 songs for the day. Let me know what you think with a comment below :"D

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