Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 80 to 71


080 Lady Gaga ft R. Kelly - Do What U Want

A video has yet been released for this hit, but I'm pretty sure it would be just as sexy compared to the single cover. Was pretty amazed by this collaboration, as R. Kelly makes an appearance on the single. But then again, who else would be a nice match for a song that's all about… making love? There really is no softer way to put it, is there? The album may have drained Gaga, but her efforts show how much dedication was put into each song. Unlikely of her for a song like this, but I likey.

079 Yisa Yu - Tiny Times (郁可唯 - 時間煮雨)

I think the literal translation for the song is "Time To Cook Rain," which may sound odd, but it must be an idiom in Mandarin. Coming from the film Tiny Times, this song by Yisa Yu talks about relationships lasting through the seasons. As a theme, it shows the beauty through the pain. I think what is missing in music today are songs like these, with a not so vivid message, left for one to interpret the way they please. The line featured means whether or not to break up - the film tests the friendship of four girls dealing with school, relationships, and life. Such a masterpiece this song.

078 Steve Grand - Stay

Is there such a thing called 'too gay?' If I could, that's how I would describe Steve Grand's music. His first single best explains this. But you can't help it, that's how he feels. But have you seen him? Thank goodness he's into boys d"; But this actually makes sense: take Country, add typical situations that are sung, and you've got yourself a hit. With this one, it's adorable. This is how I picture what a relationship would look like… Mmm, the cheesiness gets to me. With a feel good song, how can someone be homophobic? I mean, come on.

077 Kaskade - Atmosphere

A love song, but without giving it away. That beat is sick. I like it when Dance Music release slower jams. There's more to focus on rather than throwing your hands in the air and going crazy over it. This has a balance of leering vocals with this hypnotic sound that gets you a little dizzy - you feel lost in the world that Kaskade takes you on. It's a high that you don't mind for those 4 minutes.

076 Calvin Harris ft Ayah Marar - Thinking About You

What is that, guitar strumming? A drum beat? Calvin Harris can take you in with the simplest of sounds, and I can't control my obsession. And he adds a very easy going message of not needing to worry. Regardless of how far you are from your love, you just need three different words to know that they care. Maybe it's Dance Music with the real emotions in Music today, as they gain more and more attention especially in radio in the recent years. Once again, DJs know where to find the best vocals to collaborate with.

075 Ariana Grande ft Big Sean - Right There

I was pleasantly surprised by this entry, I didn't think it would become a single. She knows what works for her, and that is old Mariah Carey style d"; But really, her vocals are light and airy, and this single is laid back, easy-going, take things slow and let the good times roll. This can easily be mistaken as a Mariah Carey track, with just the styling she directs the song. But it's not an imitation whatsoever. Thank you Ariana for sharing your talent… And also, for adding Big Sean as the Priest X"D

074 Angie Miller - You Set Me Free

Anyone watching American Idol? Neither did I, but my boyfriend was really fascinated by this one act, and she is only 19 years old. In one of her performances, she sang her own song, and let me tell you: it's epic. She only ranked 3rd, but I don't see why. A powerhouse like her, there is no denying that she has some skills vocally and lyrically. From beginning to end, there is no dull moment. And that bridge, I can't even describe it. The edginess of the song really showcases what she has to present. I hope that more comes from this songstress.

073 Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Pretty much, the most beautiful song from Miley Cyrus. I will admit that the video could have been done differently, but without it, I don't think the song would be as successful. Although she might be… off at the moment, she proves that beyond her looks and behaviour, she is truly talented. Her vocals are amazing, and this song delivers the message on a strong point. Pouring all emotions out, she shows that mending a broken heart is never easy. Bravo, Cyrus.

072 Drake - Started From The Bottom

This song is pretty amusing. It's like a mini auto-biography from where he came from, the problems he went through, and his outlook on life. I would like to think he worked at the Shoppers Drug Mart, and now lives the good life like depicted in the video. But other than that, it's incredible how simple this song and yet it's so damn catchy. He can rap, he can sing, and he can act… I mean, why must some people have all of those skills? One day, he'll add dancing just to mess up with people - just wait for it.

071 Bruno Mars - Gorilla

At first, I didn't have an opinion about this song, nor paid much attention to it. When he performed it at the VMAs, I was disappointed mainly because I wanted a different song to be performed. But looking at the video: what? It makes sense, and then I took a listen to the lyrics again. I like how he swears so sweetly, even though it's all about passionate love this song. In fact, the title could be misleading for young ears (maybe that's why they don't play it as much on radio). If anything, this makes me think it's a stripper's anthem now - and why not? Sexy Bruno Mars music is always a good choice to take your clothes off to d";

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