Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 90 to 81

There's One Thing I Remember, I Only Wanna Be With You

Oh Carly, you never disappoint me. What I'm disappointed is the fact that no one plays your music anymore. I mean, this song has a pulse, and it's very different from the other works you have released. What I love about it is the fact that she's fed up with all of her pain, and in the end she just wants to end anything with this ex. And if there's not enough kick, try the remix with Nicki Minaj. Kudos to you Carly, may there be more success for you.

089 Hunter Hayes ft Jason Mraz - Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me

Isn't he a hottie? His music can be described in one word: adorable. Teaming up with Jason Mraz, this easy-going song is a little bit naughty if you ask. Not only are they lonely, but they want to destroy anything that's all relationship oriented. I mean, if you were to see all of that in one day, wouldn't want to hurl? Not quite Country music, but a joy to listen to.

088 78violet - Hothouse

Remember these lovely ladies? They were once known as Aly & AJ. Not really understanding their new band name, but there's a certain cache to it. This song, WOW. It's more raw and organic, and I really enjoy the new sound they are experimenting. So farewell to that Bubblegum Pop, and hello a new era! They really are growing up, I'm excited to hear what else they've got coming.

087 Michael Franti & Spearhead - I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)

A surprise entry from what I found just recently. This song just makes you happy, I dare you to try not be happy about it. Apparently, if you're alive, you're in love. There has to be some truth behind it, or maybe I've be sublimed with that darn catchy whistling. After all, when the music is easy-going like this, it's impossible to hide that grin you're wearing d":

086 Billy Talent - Stand Up & Run

First heard it on the Juno Awards, with Serena Ryder. This reminds me of that 60s vibe, or whatever the decade that celebrated good attire (poodle skirts)… I know, it doesn't make any sense. Definitely softer sounding than what they have released before, but it's a nice mix from what they usually do. Pretty sure it's a love song, but I'll pretend it's about courage to do whatever it takes in order to get what you want.

085 Lorde - Team

You think it's weird that the first thing that came to my mind when I first heard this song was lesbianism? I think the line "we're on each other's team" gets me distracted. But Lorde is a wonderful artist who makes music that is anti-Pop. She doesn't talk about typical topics, but rather about what else the world has to offer. And those simple beats - I don't know how she gets away with it, but it's addictive indeed.

084 Walk Off The Earth - Gang Of Rhythm

And this is where I screwed up with the countdown. Due to my little research, I recently found out this song was released from 2012 o_O But I didn't know much about this band, other than their cover. All of a sudden, their music is played everywhere. There's a certain whimsical feel to it, it's not to be taken seriously, but it's something that everyone can enjoy. There's no slowing down for this band anytime soon c":

083 Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

The second song that comes from 2012… Seriously, I'm not willing to change to position of these songs anymore! I will admit that I wasn't too fond of this single, because of its aggressive nature that is displayed. And that video is a little strange if I don't say myself. But after a few listens, I came to my senses. It shows that these talented fellows can be angry when they want to, but they choose not to for most of the time. Imagine Dragons can do no wrong, they make pure gold music.

082 Ellie Goulding - Burn

On the fence with this song. Initially, I liked it, but after a few more listens, I got a little bit weirded out by the song. Probably because of the 'burn' chorus, how her voice was edited for the effects. What makes it compelling are the lyrics. Kind of an anthem for the young people, it is full of teen angst. Her raspiness completes the piece, and persuades her thinking onto you.

081 Kristina Maria - You Don’t Have The Right To Cry

I love Kristina Maria. I think she is such an amazing talent that cannot be ignored. All of her songs get to you, and has evolved ever since her first single. I don't think she's really much of a ballad person, even though she has the voice for it. I can't help myself but belt out this song when it comes on. She is clearly underrated, and I can't wait when she breaks through across the Canadian border. Such a voice cannot be held back.

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