Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Old Music

Kardinal Offishall ft Jully Black, Allistair, IRS, & Wio-K
- Ol' Time Killin'

There is always that random song that gets onto the countdown for really no reason. I do admit that the video is simple and pleasing to see, but I do not necessarily agree with the ranking it got. Coming in at #19, Kardinal Offishall's earlier pieces show how incredibly talented the artist has always been, even though his music doesn't sound much like this these days. It's a good throwback for fun, and it shows how time has changed from music to fashion. But this song is important, as it's one of the first songs where Kardinal got attention for his craft, which lead to many other successes. So here's to a great artist that hopefully will make more music in the year 2014.

Songs were discovered by Much Music's Top 50 Videos of The Millennium

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