Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 100 of 2013: 10 to 1

Gonna Love You For Life I Ain't Leaving Your Side

This was the year that practically everyone got on the Daft Punk bandwagon. For years, they have been creating some of the most amazing rhythms that you never get tired of - and it hasn't changed since then. This time, they teamed up with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers to create what may be one of the best beats in music. You can mix it with any song, and it will come out incredible! Whether you kept playing it on repeat, or wanted to kill the speakers for the non-stop playing, once again it will come out and you can't resist that funk that keeps going on and on… If any act had the best comeback, it would have to go to Daft Punk, hands down. The album Random Access Memories is solid (as every material that they touch turns into gold).

009 Walk Off The Earth - Red Hands

Let me just say this first: I thought this song was from 2013 (I swear!) But oh well, there was no way I was going to change this entire countdown because of one song. So with a few mistakes on the countdown, this is the highest mistake I have ever placed d"; Everything from the sounds to their vocals, I was astounded. Starting off on Youtube, all of a sudden their music is being played on the radio - and thank goodness for it. This song is about being blamed for something that you didn't even do, yet you feel responsible for what has been done. So without over complicating things, I shall take the blame even though it's not all mine. And the fact that they are Canadian just make this song even better (can't deny Canadians).

008 P!nk ft Nate Ruess - Just Give Me A Reason

When P!nk shows her soft side, you know it's going to be incredible. It's so rare to see this part of her, as most of her songs are well, beyond the line of modesty. Not only does she give a stellar performance in this song, but she adds a little fun. in the mix. Nate Ruess blends so well with her voice, I think they should collaborate more often if they produce wonderful gems like these. A song about never giving up on your loved ones, wanting to help them and know what they can do so this relationship can be saved. This just goes to show that people really appreciate a simple song with very strong vocals, and that music doesn't have to be over complicated. I think in 2014, ballads will become the thing that people will be craving for… and who would argue (other than party animals?)

007 Capital Cities - Safe & Sound

I was on the fence with this song, whether I should add it or not. Originally, it was released back in 2011, but it only got attention now… So I'm wondering how out of nowhere, this begins getting attention? Whoever is responsible, I am thankful for them. This has to be the best revival of a song, because of those damn horns in the background, it almost sounds like a Pet Shop Boys. But the song is actually adorable, they sing together throughout the whole song saying they'll be there under any circumstances. And with such an awesome video that pays tribute to dance, it's no wonder why people love this song so much. The video is a masterpiece, but it's hard to decide whether I love the new version, or the original :"D

006 Selena Gomez - Come & Get It

Here she is, my wife in the most perfect composition that is a song. She cracked that shell she was hiding under and became such an incredible woman this year. With the album Stars Dance (which may be her last album for a while), she is certainly going for more of a Dance vibe, and it really fits her voice. With this being the first single off the album, I was not taken away in the beginning. Bring in the video, her performances, and my jaw is to the ground. It's captivating, with such a natural sound that easily comes out of Gomez. I wouldn't consider this a break-up song, but I don't know how else to describe it (after all, she's talking about how this love is not coming to an end). Oh why didn't I see her in concert :"c

005 Bruno Mars - Treasure

If 2013 had a theme in music, it would have to be time travelling. Most artists experimented with familiar sounds that we thought we heard once before, but the acts were being nostalgic. And if anyone nailed that theme, it all goes to Bruno Mars. Admit it, you were grooving to this song all summer, and turned up the volume to the max whenever it came on. This song can bring all people together to dance, because it has a 70s vibe with the graphics to match in the video. Bruno Mars seems to be a favourable artist that everyone likes, and there's not much to understand: he knows what people like, when to release a single, and how to keep the limelight on him. What will 2014 bring for him? I hope it's 90s revival music, you know he'll do amazing in that genre.

004 Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Of all the Justin Timberlake songs that were released this year, it was difficult to rank them. With the only song at such a high ranking, this one beats all of the other hits. 2013 marked the great comeback of Justin Timberlake, and all of his fans really missed him. What sets this song apart from the rest of his other material is the fact that it's beautifully crafted, it shows the romantic side without being over the top. It's about how this one person completes him, that life would be nothing without this love of his. There is nothing to fear, especially when someone so close will always be right next to him. A brilliant effort done by the Justin Timberlake, there's no slowing down for him any time soon. Hopefully, there will be more hits like this (and also, not so long as this song!)

003 Britney Spears - Work B**ch

Of course Britney Spears has to be in my Top 10, I've been needing some new material from her since 2011. When this song came out, I'm pretty sure not only the clubs, but also they gyms were pumping up this jam on repeat. It really motivates you to go out and… get to work. It may be tacky and fun, but that's what Britney Spears is all about. She's not hiding it, especially with her show in Las Vegas, which I heard is getting great reviews. Although I may not have plans to see her soon, I have at least 2 years to watch as many shows while I can d": This song was a great way to kick off a new era for Britney, as she is not slowing down. How many times does she say the B word? I don't know, I'm too busy getting my butt kicked while working out (okay, attempting to work out).

002 Matthew Koma - One Night

Back in 2012, he was the opening act for Owl City. The last song in his segment was this piece, and I just fell for this once I heard it. I even managed to get a clip from that concert, but was saddened when I found out there was no information about this song… yet. I don't know how I found out that he released this song, but I was excited! This song is commercial, yet I never heard it other than at work (and it was a remix). Who knows, maybe it's better if he is kept as a secret in Music. A fun little song about taking a chance on someone who could potentially more than just a friend. I mean, who wouldn't? Carly Rae Jepsen certainly did, and now these two are dating for the long run. Wish them the best in 2014!

001 Zedd ft Foxes - Clarity

And here we are, with simply the best song of 2013. I did find this song when Glee covered it with Jessica Sanchez, and I am ashamed that I didn't find out about it earlier (it was released back in February). There's pain, there's beauty, and it has a lot of depth. It makes you wonder if there is so much being hurt in a relationship, why does it seem that they are to only one who can heal such pain? I will say there is a strange combination with a song so full of emotions that it makes you want to dance uncontrollably. If dancing is not your forté, perhaps you will enjoy the Union Mix, which is just as stunning. In 2014, I hope to hear more from both Zedd & Foxes. And if they team up again, they might get the top spot again!

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed the Top 100 of 2013. Hope to see you next year :"D

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