Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Mandy Moore

That faithful day while watching The Hit List changed my life forever, when a little blonde girl began to sing in her room. To begin the ladies' week, let's do it with none other...

Mandy Moore

"Candy" was exciting, but enough for this countdown?

[5] Extraordinary

Years after her Pop phase, Moore went for a more grown up approach. Though it's nothing compared to her previous singles, this was a nice step into adulthood, and very creative as well.

[4] Candy

The song that began my interest in her. So innocent and cute, yet very daring, dancing in the middle between skateboarders... Doesn't make much sense the song, but I loved it, from start to finish.

[3] Crush

Everything about this song seemed refreshing and organic, and her voice got soft in this. But it makes a lot of sense, especially with the message that it delivers. Honestly, the prettiest that she ever looked.

[2] In My Pocket

From the moment that I saw this, I knew I was in love. The background music and the video are both Asian-inspired, and that stole my heart. Not to mention, being sexy without even trying d";

[1] Cry

Honestly, who doesn't love A Walk To Remember? So sweet, and full of raw emotions, there could be no better song that perfectly shows what true love is all about. Mandy, please make more like this!

[WORST] So Real

It's just... weird. Although she was still young when this single came out, I never heard of it when I was a child. Her voice is always outstanding, but it doesn't fit with the idea of the song.

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