Thursday, December 18, 2014

Honourable Mentions

It's that time of year again: counting down the Top 100 songs of 2014. But before getting to that list, there are always a bunch that don't quite crack the list. So to not forget about them, here are the 30 contenders that made an impact to my ears. Thanks for the sounds!

Keep it number one, that's easy mathematics...

130 Jennifer Lopez ft French Montana - I Luh Ya Papi

What can I say about this song? It's rather rambunctious, but infectiously catchy. Who knew that slurring a song (I think it's suppose to be her sexy voice) could come up with... well, this. Throw in a Rapper, and you've got that feel-good, lovey-dovey single for the summertime. The lounging vibes mixed with the hard-hitting sounds add that street vibe that gets you in the mood to get down on your yacht filled with scantly-dressed men - hey, it's just a video concept, and a very good one at this moment d"; Only Lopez knows to deliver eye candy and sweet beats.

129 Virginia To Vegas ft Alyssa Reid - We Are Stars
Positive song with positive vibes, it's a song that everyone can sing along - very campy if you ask me.

128 Neverest - Starlight
A different sound to the band's beginnings, but a strong attempt. Like the whistling, but that's about it.

127 Katy Perry - This Is How We Do
If there was a countdown for videos, hands down this would win! But, this song is a tad bit juvenile...

126 One Direction - Steal My Girl
An anthem for all jealous boys when their girl gets the attention from others; add five, and it's hot.

125 Tyler Shaw - It Happens All The Time
Oh Tyler, I honestly wanted to like this song! However, it's not as exciting compared to your hits.

124 Tegan & Sara - I’m Not Your Hero
I love these twins, there is nothing that they can't take on. This proves that everything they do is gold.

123 Hilary Duff - Chasing The Sun
Easy-breezy, lemon-squeezy. That's the best way I can describe this song. However, not her strongest.

122 Hedley - Crazy For You
If this wasn't overplayed to death, it would have ranked higher. But I do like the funk in this song.

121 Classified ft B.o.B. - Higher
Old school is in with this one, and it can't be helped. Enjoyable the first few times, but lost it later on.

120 Pharrell Williams - Marilyn Monroe
This ode to women is exceptional. Can't believe this song didn't get more attention, I mean, violins!

119 Fergie - L.A. Love (La La)
I like that Fergie is coming back with solo material... That said, it's a fun song to dance sexy to c";

118 Beyoncé Knowles - Partition
Of all the songs Mrs. Carter has made, this has to be the most provocative. Motherhood at its finest.

117 Lady Gaga - G.U.Y.
One word to describe this masterpiece: incredible. This is more like the Lady Gaga back in 2008!

116 Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
Interesting choice of lyrics, not exactly child-friendly. Weird on many levels, but no one really cares.

115 Victoria Duffield - More Than Friends
The young, aspiring artist who has all the potential in the world. Love the disco-esque vibe in here.

114 Trevor Guthrie - Soundwave
This song comes out blasting on every station (but only the remix). Good choice to stay in Dance.

113 Hunter Hayes - Invisible
For those who feel stuck, this song will get you through all your worries. Stunningly beautiful.

112 Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One (Ole Ola)
Don't think I've ever been excited for the World Cup - it must be due to this song. Drums all the way!

111 Rixton - Me & My Broken Heart
It's the song that makes the girls swoon because the boy is pouring his emotions out. And it works.

110 Sia - Chandelier
I once had mad love for this song, but something deteriorated its beauty. So tragic, I can't stand it ._.

109 Colbie Caillat - Hold On
A light for the hopeless romantics, it gives faith to those who want to give up. Keep trying, small one.

108 Karen O ft Ezra Koenig - The Moon Song
Academy Award nominated song, it is rather magnificent. For the movie Her, tis eery and enchanting.

107 Jhené Aiko - The Pressure
Essence of Hip Hop, and a breath of fresh air. Glad I found her, because this proves she has potential.

106 Michelle Williams ft Beyoncé Knowles & Kelly Rowland - Say Yes
Hallelujer! Praise Jesus! It's amazing to see Williams take on Gospel, it works on so many levels!

105 Serena Ryder - Heavy Love
Soulful, you can feel the pain in her voice. In the scheme of things, this too shall pass.

104 Arcade Fire - We Exist
Amusing, entertaining, and everything I didn't expect from Arcade Fire. Keep rolling up the hits!

103 Sub Focus ft Daniel Pearce - Close
Want to say this is like 90s Techno that slowly turns into a Rave (but a slow motion kind). Righteous.

102 Bethany Mota ft Mike Tompkins - Need You Right Now
YouTube star can sing too?! Add in another, and you've got this teen-angst break-up song. Love it.

101 Beyoncé Knowles - Pretty Hurts
Give it to the beautiful to talk about the pain they have suffered. Truly a special piece, Mrs. Carter.

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