Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 100 to 91

Gotta fly, gotta see, I can't wait...

100 Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good

Anyone surprised by this? The fact that out of the blue, unreleased content is given to the public in addition to a hologram performance by the King of Pop. That said, it's a pretty song that gets everyone to groovin'... It's similar to other unreleased content, but when all that's left are recording samples, you take what you've got and create some magic. Well done Michael, never cease to amaze.

099 Sam Smith - Stay With Me

It's been a big year for Sam Smith, and with hit after hit, there's no slowing down for this young man. Although I do quite like this song, I was never attached to it compared to his other works. He has a lovely voice, and the content of his music is relatable. However, I think it would be improved without the assistance of a choir in the background. A little too Gospel, yet still compelling to listen to.

098 Jesse McCartney - Superbad

Well, hello there stranger! Been approximately six years for him to come back to the music scene, and his sound hasn't been more Pop than ever before. He's got this rebellious persona down, and all he's looking for in this song is trouble... It's the high that's worth the chase. Not anything like his old material, but that's what an artist has to do: experiment. And for that, I commend him for the effort.

097 Zedd ft Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant - Find You

For the film "Divergent," Zedd produces an elegant song that follows through with that sounds that are familiar to him. It seems effortless for him to make such songs, especially when his previous works all have this vibe of faith and hope in them (seems like he is quite the romantic). Adding two voices that are polar opposites, and the magic is released in the rhythm. Absolutely stunning, it is.

096 Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

This is essentially the updated version of Moulin Rouge. From the strong voices to the turnt-up stylings of Minaj, it's all attitude and flaunting what you've got. Cockiness may be their game, but confidence comes along with it. From time to time, it's fun to sing along - just not when it's played after every other song though. But you got to hand it to Miss J, she knows how to work the music.

095 Eric Nam ft Hoya Of Infinite - Ooh Ooh

One day on Tumblr, I stumbled upon a gif that caught my eye (for obvious reasons), and then I got curious finding out who is this artist. Finding out the song, I fell in love with its retro vibe and swanky attires that he wears in the video. I swear, if Pop music was exciting as KPop, this countdown would be impossible to create. I will be watching to see what else Nam has got up his sleeves.

094 Duke Dumont ft Jax Jones - I Got U

Some times, all you need is a little sample from another song to create an incredible experience for your ears. To me, this is what I think falling in love sounds like. Taking bits and pieces from Whitney Houston's single"My Love Is Your Love,"Duke Dumont sets a tropical paradise with the steelpans, and it couldn't be anymore romantic. Welcome to knowing that you've found the one.

093 Nicole Scherzinger - Run

For years, Nicole has been releasing music as a solo artist, but none seem to quite stand out like this one. Raw and simple, this shows that she is ready to conquer the charts on her own. The sorrow that she goes through tells an honest emotion after a relationship ends. It's hard to deal with, and at one point it will feel like this. No need for all the glam, just a piano and vocals are greatly effective.

092 Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover

Not technically a single, but I did enjoy this song more than I expected. The struggle of wanting someone who is with someone else is not easy to deal with, it's torture for the wasted heart. Again, its simplicity makes the song outstanding. Why do people do this to themselves, that is something no one can answer. Perhaps it's the hope that we put in ourselves that makes it worth the trouble...

091 Eddy Kim - Darling

My friend showed me this song while in class one day, and I must say it's too adorable. I may not understand the lyrics, but if he's implying anything in the video, well then... That can't be said on this blog! There is this Jack Johnson vibe that I've been missing for some time, and it's a pleasant thing to see a KPop artist to be playing an instrument for once... Just saying.

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