Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 20 to 11

The truth is written on my skin...

020 Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

Loved it, hated it, and now I love it, again! Originally, I thought this was parody of another video. But turns out, it became one of the biggest songs of this year. Trainor is certainly talented, and though her vocals aren't as strong in this song, it delivers an excellent message: to love yourself for all that you are. Besides, who wants to be a treble? Gotta be the part the gets people excited d";

019 Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX - Fancy

Who would have ever thought that a female rapper from Australia would conquer the charts? With an homage to Clueless, it's only fitting that Azalea plays the lead as Cher in her video with XCX as Tai. In a way, the song is all about the movie: want her, gotta be exquisite, with great taste in clothes, and well-cultured. The 90s are back, and credit is given to Azalea. May she smash 2015. 

018 Foster The People - Coming Of Age

As the years go by, I find myself more and more interested in Foster The People. This one was quite a surprise, not too far from their usual style, but still reminiscent of past sounds. We're all trying to find ourselves as we grow up, and this song perfectly sums up the hard times one goes through, and the wonderful moments that can happen. It's a wild, crazy, and beautiful life. Just live it up.

017 Rudimental ft Becky Hill - Powerless

They can never do wrong. Every year, they release these beautiful works of art, and the video matches its dramatic feel. They know their craft, and always execute them in the best way. It's the struggle that makes this song a piece unlike any other, wondering how to move on when the emotions are raw. Seems to me that Dance tracks have more feelings than any genre - it's truly remarkable.

016 Paramore - Ain’t It Fun

Rocking to this at the beginning of the year, and still am! Keep changing my thoughts about the song, figuring whether it delivers a positive or negative message - it's a happy medium. And the gospel sing-along? Honestly the best addition to give the song life. But sometimes, you got to be optimistic, especially when you enter the real world. May the odds be in your favour. Well played Paramore.

015 Shawn Hook - Million Ways

Pop! Goes Shawn Hook. Seems like everyone is getting on the train these days. But I do like this heartthrob persona he's going for. They beat is sick, and gets me every time it starts to play. He's shooting for the stars with this one, finding all the reasons he loves them so much. But when you're bitten by the love bug, anything is possible. Kudos to Hook, especially with the video - something for everyone.

014 Nick Jonas - Jealous

From reforming with his brothers (for a short period) to going solo, this is the moment everyone has been waiting for: Nick breaking free from little boy to mature man. With a subtly tamed song, it's the second time this title appears. It's true about relationships: we get heated up when we someone else with our significant others. Can't help it some times, people are attractive when they're mad.

013 The Weeknd ft Pharrell Williams - Wanderlust

This here, is my jam. It's an escape from reality, and entering an unknown land you're dying to venture into. There is something about this mix that's got me curious to find out where this feeling takes you - it's deeper than any other emotion. It's Williams' touch that adds the pizzaz to the song, yet The Weeknd still shines through in this one. A good change from his usually, dirtier, tracks.

012 OK Go - I Won’t Let You Down

One word to describe this song: dynamic. It has everything I love in a song: violins, and fun harmonies! And with OK Go, you know the video is epic (you must watch). Definitely a little song that crept up to my heart, it truly delivers in every single way. They give other acts a run for their money - yet oddly enough, they rarely get attention in the media. They don't know what they're missing.

011 Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

Ever since I found about Foxes last year, I just become more intrigued with her work. Her solo efforts are even better, and with this little gem, I think I will like her very much. It's all about throwing your cares away, and go with the flow - at least, for some time. In a world where everything seems bland, it's good to let the crazy out, and have fun while in the moment and get unusual d":

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