Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 30 to 21

Just from this one small act of kindness I'm in deep...

030 Virginia To Vegas - Don’t Fight The Music

If I am not mistaken, Virginia To Vegas premiered this year, and I must say that their second single very much pleases me. Setting up the mood in a natural way, the electronic sounds set an atmosphere where everything will be alright. It is the song that gets your vibes jumping in the best effort possible. Recently, it's been blasting on the radios everywhere - hope that they don't kill this one.

029 Capital Cities - One Minute More

There is such a possibility of finding happiness through sadness. It is the balance that is required in order to find what one desires. This is a song that has helped me see that it is okay to cry at times, because eventually out comes the joy and experiences that will make everything else seem irrelevant. Truly genius of Capital Cities to write such poetry, they do deserve more credit than they receive.

028 Maroon 5 - Maps

This love is worth fighting for. Opposite of "Payphone," the goal is to find the person they love and not hold back any feelings. The chance that is taken is a big risk, especially with an unclear destination - but curiosity gets the best of everyone. It is an intense song, but a nice change from their last album. Maroon 5 never ceases to amaze me. The videos could be more, tamed, however.

027 Mother Mother - Monkey Tree

After attending their concert a few weeks ago, I have become attached to Mother Mother. They are like nothing I have seen before, and this song is a great example of their artistry. Somehow, singing about the wild while adding electric synths in the background is a foolproof method of creating an fine tune. And besides, it's a fun song for all ages, so what's not to love?

026 Ed Sheeran - Sing

He's been having an excellent year, winning with every single that comes out of Multiply (X). The premier, however, is what shot his career into the atmosphere. It is more Pop-friendly than anything he's done before, but there is more life in this single. And, having Pharrell Williams help produce a song for you is never a bad idea. It's the song that gets you out of your seat to get crazy, baby!

025 Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Everything Miss Swift does, it turns into gold. So when this piece was released, I was surprised to see its massive response it got. She's parodying herself, showing that she doesn't care what people think about her previous relationships. If you want to go for it, she has already sent out the warnings. Entertaining, relatable, and utterly catchy, looks like Miss Swift will be the next Pop sensation.

024 Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer

Once again, proof that the real winners of the X Factor are the ones not crowned the champions. With this heavily 80s inspired track, they released it in the nick of time, and rank so high due to its damn catchiness. It fills all the requirements of a girl group song: painful love, over-done cheesiness, and top notch vocals. The basics of a Pop song all wrapped into one. Great way to end the year, ladies.

023 Hunter Hayes - Tattoo

He's just freakin' adorable. A bit too fast to go that far in the relationship, but if it's meant to be, go for it. His love songs can make anyone swoon, and the feeling is exciting when he sings it out loud. I don't think there is any other gesture bigger than to get your lover's name inked onto the skin, that's just crazy. Got to give it to the boy who has fallen head over heals, it's ridiculously cute.

022 Allie X - Catch

Hailing from Canada, this artist just blew up the radio stations and garnered attention from many people, including Katy Perry. The rhythm itself enthrals you, wanting to hear it over again and again. And the lyrics are amazing, not letting anyone stand in the way of her. It's time to gain back her moment - it's incredible what the outcomes once you've experienced such pain, you do get better.

021 Ariana Grande ft Zedd - Break Free

Basically, my workout song d": Loved it the moment my ears took a spin on this track. Teaming up with Zedd was an excellent choice, as it shows how diverse Grande really are (I just had to). Plus, the video gets praise for not having a literal translation to the song, as imagination comes to life with this one. I mean, who wouldn't want to forget someone by being an intergalactic space warrior?

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