Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 40 to 31

He toss my salad like his name Romaine...

040 Ed Sheeran - Don’t

This guy has been having an excellent year, and his music continues to progress. The flame is burning hot in this song, as he finds the truth behind a past interest of his. It's essentially revenge that is served in a proper manner without going too far. Consider it the process of becoming a stronger person. Letting it all out must be helping Sheeran, because he's not stopping anytime soon.

039 Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven

The angel has blessed us with this graceful masterpiece, filled with charm boxes and symphonies of the necessary drama that comes with the song. It's about wanting someone they know who isn't good for them - the dilemma of our times. But there is always that part that doesn't want to forget quite all of that person. It's everything about her that I love, she's great and very relatable.

038 Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea - Problem

Blow and behold, another song about wanting someone who's pure bad - but this time, with saxophones! To begin a new chapter, Grande teamed up with Azalea to create one of the biggest songs of the summer. Don't deny it: you've been singing along. No shame in liking this unexpected turn for her, it's the change that made her into a Pop global phenomenon. She may be cited as a diva, but when you've got a smash hit like this, I say let it be!

037 Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Baby Got Back? In order to create a massive impact to the world, Minaj samples Sir Mix-A-Lot to give us this. Creative? Yes. Excessive? Depends who you ask. The thing about this song is that you can't escape it once you hear it. Highly amusing, it is the single that has gotten everyone's attention on her for living up to the standards of what this song is all about. If you got it, flaunt it honey.

036 Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin

Her songs are barely three minutes, and it's fantastic! Short and sweet, and filled with lots of attitude. With that time, she's got a lot of things to say within that amount. The old school sound is a great fit for her, providing a platform that's a giving her a great launch to her career. Who would have though that everyone is digging the sounds of the olden days? Obviously, this girl did ^_^

035 Walk Off The Earth - Shake

Just when things aren't going wrong, they go left... or, something like that. This band always impress me, but will admit that this song is somewhat softer than their other works. Still, it's a great song to just release your anger out and get it out of your system. The song has a nice flow, with no particular part standing out, as it shines as a whole. Good job, I'm waiting to hear what's next.

034 Sam Smith ft A$AP Rocky - I’m Not The Only One

While the original is stunning on its own, the addition of A$AP Rocky is the kick that amps up the angst. The piano screams of deceit while the drum holds back the angst that's blowing up in the mind of the one who is cheated on - but, they somehow to keep their composure when around the cheater. My favourite Smith track so far, and it has been great to see all of his success this year.

033 Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora - Black Widow

Fun fact: this is a song that I squat to... Now, onto the song: it's hypnotic and mesmerizing. It's astonishing to see how versatile and diverse Azalea's sound goes from one song to another. This one with Rita Ora provides the clever way of torturing someone who did them wrong. Let it be a lesson to the heartbreakers: be careful who you mess with, because it might not end up nice. Watch out.

032 Kendrick Lamar - i

It's all about the throwback sounds, and I'm enjoying every bit of it. This happy-go-lucky track is about appreciating all the things that make you, well, you. Why be sad when you can be happy, especially knowing that you're the most awesome person you know. A good switch-up from all of the rather, darker, songs on this list. Kendrick Lamar, you have no idea how grateful I am for this :"D

031 Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

A collaboration that clicks together so well, even radio cannot expose it enough times to make me loathe the song. Just when I though Mars wouldn't be releasing anything this year, out comes creeping in this number with Ronson to create some master-beats! What's old is new again, and the vivacity puts this song on a whole other level. It's enough to make anyone weak in the knees c";

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