Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 60 to 51

Had to meet the devil just to know his name...

060 Kristina Maria - Move Like A Soldier

Ever since she appeared on the scene, I simply can't get enough of her! And it's good to see Maria going in a more tamed direction compared to her previous efforts. Subtlety that immediately dives into the drama, and I have become addicted. It's a smasher in my books, as it contains enough insanity to show that she is not messing with anyone at all. Bravo Kristina, go after what's worth it.

059 Major Lazer ft Ariana Grande - All My Love

For the film "Mockingjay," Major Lazer teams up with Ariana and creates this rare oddity that livens the scene. I am not sure how this song goes in sync with the movie, but then again, does it really matter? So unusual that it is simply brilliant. Thank whoever thought of this collaboration, I wouldn't mind seeing an album by the two acts - think of all the possibilities.

058 PRTY H3RO - Young & Shameless

It's time to party like a Canadian (because they know how!) This whole Western-Jazz mesh seems so odd, but it also suffices in their single. What makes this appealing to all ages are essentially the lyrics, as it's all about living it up while you still can. Long as you're unapologetic, be yourself, enjoy the time, and don't go messing around with the wrong people. While active, got to go for it.

057 Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

This is rather a strange turn for Coldplay, it's one of their more uplifting songs that can be situated in a club. Compared to previous efforts, this is a sweet surprise. It's all of the qualities expected in an EDM song, but delivered by a rock band - who would of thought of such excellent results. Perhaps some acts should try a whole new genre and see where it goes from there... It could be magical.

056 OneRepublic - Love Runs Out

One after another, OneRepublic knows how to make musical gold. It's all about the drums in this hit, as it emphasizes on the strength and courage it takes for them to save whatever this couple's got. Cinematic, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. You think you would get tired of this bass-heavy induced song, but maybe that's their signature style... When the song is this good, it doesn't matter.

055 Hilary Duff - All About You

Most exciting comeback, period. Oh Hilary, where have you been all this time? The wait was well worth it, as this single is filled with lush themes and Folk-inspired strings. It's out with the Pop, and in with this new genre that I welcome with opened arms, it's more mature and definitely a shake-up much needed. Oh Hilary, how much I have missed your music. Don't ever leave. Like, ever.

054 Ella Henderson - Ghost

Who would have thought that a song I've just known for a few weeks can make such an impact in the countdown. I love her voice, and it agrees with my theory about the X Factor. But, wow, she's only 18, and this single is quite the hit in other countries as it slowly makes its way to the top over here. It's not hard to see why, with such a grand vocal range and orchestrated dimensions, I want more.

053 Le Youth ft Dominique Young Unique - Dance With Me

Sampling TLC's "No Scrubs," Le Youth has done it again, making something out of essentially nothing. Mix in a Rapper and some electronic sounds, and you've got something that is remarkably incredible. Although he may be a one-man act, he works though it's a whole band. Such creativity can create a whole new song, and it shows the adventures that music can bring. Exciting, indeed.

Well, isn't this the surprise hit of the summer? Everywhere I go, this would be playing may it be on the radio, outdoors, in the club... You get the picture. It's been some time since Chromeo released a song, and this was the pick-me-up well needed. Funky, fresh, and light, it's got so much soul that you understand the pain that simply needs to be danced out. Like I said earlier, Canadians know how to party.

051 Sebell - Till The Sun Burns Out

Unusually pleasant is how I will describe this song. Although the video was nothing I thought it would be, it still doesn't take away from the beauty its message. To love someone until the end of time, it's the statement of a lifetime. It may be simple in its production, but I'm focused on the voice, as it has a subtle texture of rasp. Another solid effort for the Canadians, keep that talent up!

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