Saturday, December 20, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 90 to 81

We use to be all turnt up...

090 BEAST - Good Luck

All I did was type the words "Good Luck" into the search bar, and this song pops up. I know my taste in KPop is a little bit cluttered, but it's always a pleasure to stumble upon a new act with such theatrics. Electronic and dramatic, these are the qualities I expect from a KPop act - this fills up the criteria quite well. It's rather impressive, considering I wasn't even looking for it.

089 One Direction - You & I

Believe this is the highest ranking of a One Direction song this year (I am also shocked as myself). To me, this kind of sounds like that final song before a band breaks up, a bit mellow-dramatic with an uplifting and positive twist towards the end. Although they still make me swoon, it's a bit lack-lustered. It's a pretty song, but hopefully they get back into the Pop hits they are known for.

088 Shawn Mendes - Something Big

Not exactly sure how this artist became well known, other than gaining attention via social media. That being said, this song comes out of nowhere, and now I'm addicted. His first single was pleasant for the first few times (it's played too many times on radio), so this is a nice pick-me-up single that's well required. I think with this song, I have a better vision of seeing where Mendes will be going.

087 Pharrell Williams ft Miley Cyrus - Come Get It Bae

There is no escaping Pharrell Williams, and he will always be in the music scene whether he's making a single, or producing someone else's album. I may be sick of this word by now, but I must say that it's undeniably catchy for a song that has 'hey' screamed out every beat. If there is only one person who can pull that off, it would be this guy. Fully cheeky, the video is well worth a watch c";

086 Doug Locke - #ThisCouldBeUs

Funny how the internet lets you find songs that you never knew existed. For example, this one. Found it on a wall post, and now it has landed with this ranking ^_^ Imagining what could have been, the modern love story includes the awful hashtag in its title. But for this generation, it makes sense to have it, this tag is rather popular online. A little bit of grieving hurt nobody, long as we move along...

085 Jeremih ft YG - Don’t Tell ‘Em

Sounds familiar? Jeremih samples Snap's "Rhythm Is A Dancer," chops and screws that bit, and adds an Urban twist - it's brilliant. Was actually surprised finding myself enjoying this track, simply because I was not feeling his previous single. Sure, the subject is the same, but the mystery adds a flail to make it just right. Lorde did a cover of the song, and it shows the diversity of the track.

084 Marianas Trench ft Anami Vice - POP 101

After the masterpiece of Ever After, this song is a little bit, random, if not the least. It's amusing to listen to, as a how-to instruction to make the perfect Pop song is allowed to four minutes. But it is true how a Pop song is constructed, and they even take samples from a variety of songs to prove a point. If anything, this is more of a mashup on its own - a well made mash up d":

083 Kiesza - Giant In My Heart

Kiesza's 90s vibe gives her the edge that people have been seeking for, and it couldn't be any better. The random male voice in the background is my favourite, as it adds the 'oomph' factor that makes anyone wanting to get on their feet and become a dancer. The loss of a lover becomes exceptionally glorified, as it helps to take the pain away in this track. I expect big things from Kiesza in 2015.

082 2NE1 - Gotta Be You (너 아님 안돼)

Where did the love go? Maybe it crammed into this song, as it needs to be. It's about wanting someone they know who is no good for them. They believe that there is still this fighting chance, and that the relationship they once had can become great. That kind of gesture is brave, these ladies know what they truly want. After debuting five years ago, this is quite a track to celebrate their anniversary.

081 Tinashe ft Schoolboy Q - 2 On

Dirty Pop is how I would describe this song, it's not exactly full-on Hip Hop, but still the attitude is hiding there. She makes it work, and her vocals have this curiosity that leads the listener into a haze that you never want to escape. Just imagine all of the possibilities that can go down within the night. Not exactly sure what the title stands for, but let's say one should use their imagination...

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