Friday, December 18, 2015

Top 100 of 2015: 100 to 91

The Party

I go crazy without ya, e’ry dream, e’ry nightmare's about ya...

100 Simple Plan ft Nelly - I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed

Out of nowhere, this song came onto the stations. I thought this would be a repeat formula with Sean Paul, but this one's got an old school vibe. And Nelly makes it highly amusing (other than the video itself).

099 Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay seems to be releasing new material per year. What makes this one appealing would be its unusual disco funk mixed with guitar rifts. And it makes you wonder what other type of sorcery they've got conjured up in their incredible minds...

098 Little Mix - Black Magic

Who they are, I have no clue. But this pop confection mixed with some witchcraft elements creates an irresistible ear worm that makes you crave for more. Release the girl power.

097 Becky G - Break A Sweat

I found this song while at the gym - how appropriate. It's incredible to see how far Becky G has come. Her singles continuously improve one after another. The song definitely does its job motivating you to put your best effort.

096 Pitbull ft Chris Brown - Fun

This one is all about the instrumental breaks. Flamboyant and flirty, it's good enough to forget about the rapper's verses. Don't get me wrong, I think Pitfall can create great songs; it just needs a little more creativity such as the beat in this one.

095 Audien ft Lady Antebellum - Something Better

Here is what I believe is the most surprising song of the year. Never would I have imagined Country and EDM combining so well. And the strange part of it all? It sounds more Country than EDM itself. Maybe Lady Antebellum has opened a new world of opportunities.

094 Rudimental - Never Let You Go

More about the sound than the lyrical content, the sounds in the background can be a bit distracting. It's a shame, because it's another incredible piece by Rudimental. If anything, the video makes up for everything (as always).

093 Thomas Rhett - Crash & Burn

Euphoric agony is how I would describe this song. Thomas Rhett creates such an upbeat melody, only to be paired with pure pain in the lyrics. Maybe Thomas Rhett finds pleasure in this kind of hurt? Either way, it's one song to hop around in your socks.

092 Maroon 5 - This Summer’s Gonna Hurt

Surprised that this song didn't exactly hit off compared to their other singles. It has everything that you want in a summer song: temptations, risks of being hurt, and endless bliss. Perhaps it's too dark for the summer? But either way, a solid effort from the boys.

091 Nathan Sykes - Kiss Me Quick

Former boy band member was certainly wanted when I was in San Francisco. His face was on posters all over town, and decided to check it out. Wow, this boy can sing. I wouldn't have expected such pipes from this one. But the casanova persona just might work for him.

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