Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 100 of 2015: 20 to 11

The Anthems

I am lost in the vision, every time our bodies meet...

020 Flo Rida ft Robin Thicke & Verdine White - I Don’t Like It, I Love It

The beat will get to you so fast, you don't recognize the silliness of the lyrics. Playing homage to the sounds of the 70s, Tramar Dillard puts together one fun song all about his obsession - and that's not a bad thing at all. Thank Robin & Verdine to justify this song.

019 Le Youth - R E A L

Wes James knows how to manipulate an old song and make it sound completely different. I think my favourite part would have to be the vocals, because he makes something unusually pleasant to the most desired part of the song... Maybe Brandy will start singing like this? It's so soothing.

018 EXO - Call Me Baby (叫我)

Mix Korean with Chinese pop stars, and you get yourselves an incredible ensemble. Never listened to their music before, but now I know what I'm missing. It may be generic, but it's all about the delivery... Boy, do they know how to please their fans. Also, this song is sung in two languages.

017 Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

I love it when Rihanna sings slows songs, and this one is especially good. Who would have thought of adding Sir Paul McCartney would enhance this drunkard piece. Campy and all over the place, it leaves you somehow satisfied. A good night has never sounded this good.

016 One Direction - Perfect

Just when I thought One Direction was ending, they come out with this warm melody. It's all about one problem that people face: seeking company. Not quite the song you'd expect from these boys, but still everything you want. Not to mention, it showcases each member's vocals.

015 Zedd ft Selena Gomez - I Want You To Know

An unexpected turn for Anton Zaslavski. He teamed up with my wife, Selena Gomez, and created this rollercoaster ride of excitement. Drama tying in with Romance, it's a match made in EDM heaven. If my wife can make more EDM, everything would be perfect.

014 Rudimental ft Anne-Marie & Will Heard - Rumor Mill

Genuinely cool isn't how I would typically describe Rudimental. Usually known for fast-paced songs, this is a different direction that has gotten me interested. I didn't known they could produce this Lounge-styled song - it's amazing how taking a step back makes a significant difference.

013 Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer

One of her best tracks, Demi Lovato has shed her past image and revamped herself for the better. Even though it was seasonal, the song is too brilliant to keep it in the summer. Pianos, guitars, and mind-blowing vocals, what's not to love? What's wrong with being confident?

012 Clean Bandit - Stronger

Personally, I believe this song could be mistaken as Gospel music... If church sounded more like this, I think everyone would start joyously dancing. Absolutely adore the beginning and the violins. And the Gospel choir adds the flare that keeps me coming back.

011 David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, & Afrojack - Hey Mama

Am I the only one who thinks this could be a superhero song? To me, it's the sound of trouble, or justice being served. I know the lyrics don't match my description, but I couldn't get enough of it. I'm surprised this is from David Guetta, turning from Electronic into something supernatural.

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