Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 100 of 2015: 40 to 31

The Heartthrobs

Ain't gotta be a beava' to get wood from me, get it?

040 Years & Years - King

Whoever these geniuses are, I'm glad that I stumbled upon them. If the song is not enough to capture your heart, the video should do the trick. Elegant and wonderful, there is no question that this band should go to great heights. Never knew heartbreak could be so catchy.

039 Sage The Gemini ft Nick Jonas - Good Thing

Take two good looking men to collaborate on a song, and you get this. It's luring to the ears, making you want to question your own thoughts. Will it be good, or simply a disaster? With a touch of exotic elements, nothing can get sexier than this piece.

038 Jussie Smollett & Yazz - You’re So Beautiful

I've been wanting to watch the series 'Empire,' but I never knew the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant. This song has been performed on a few award shows, and it's one of the popular tracks from the show. Catchy and upbeat, it's the hip-happening event you don't want to miss.

037 Shawn Desman - Obsession

For those old enough to remember Shawn Desman, he's one of the best gems of Canada. So it stumps me why he hasn't broken out of Canada... Full of talent, this track is rather cheesy, but sensual. Hopefully he gets the attention he deserves in the upcoming years.

036 Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me

Who knew Jason Derulo could release a powerhouse of a song? Compared to his previous work, this might be his strongest single so far. What I like best about this track is his experimentation. Super Pop, he managed to capture my attention without overkill.

035 Alesso ft Roy English - Cool

Sampling Kylie Minogue's 'Get Outta My Way,' it brings a new element to the piano bit. Alessandro Lindblad twisted the original into a rather uplifting track. Don't believe me? See the video yourself. Just to think, it all came from the first few seconds. Now that's incredible.

034 John Newman - Come & Get It

Everything about John Newman, I absolutely adore. From the vocals to his style, this track has got some serious class. Sounds like the 1950s, showcasing everything good about that decade. Definitely a song worthy of getting swoon off your feet.

033 Ed Sheeran - Photograph

If the song doesn't get to you, the throwbacks in the video might. He may have gone Pop a few tracks ago, but Ed Sheeran knows what works best - and that's simply his words and his guitars. The song to give you warm feelings - can't help but feel nice after a listen.

032 Disclosure ft Sam Smith - Omen

This duo brought the fire with the album 'Caracal.' The Lawrence brothers team up with Sam Smith in this masterpiece. I'm still confused about the message, but all is forgiven with the rhythm of this fine tune.

031 MAGIC! - No Way No

Strong effort from this Canadian Reggae band. This song might just be my favourite track of theirs. With the groove of the beaches mixed with the fun ad-libs, it's all you expect in this chant-esque theme. Never disappointing, and always a joy to hear from MAGIC!

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