Monday, December 21, 2015

Top 100 of 2015: 80 to 71

The Fun Times

Soldier boy don't be so diamond hearted...

080 Who Is Fancy ft Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande - Boys Like You

Out of nowhere came the song that I needed. Jake Hagood premiered this year not only with the help of one, but two of the biggest artists. What gives life would have to be the low notes and the perfect harmonies. It couldn't be any better.

079 DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

Who knew that Joe Jonas formed a new band? Let's see how long they will last (and I hope they do). This is not a bad introduction to their sound. Ever since the first listen, I can't get enough of this mid-2000s sound. Let the chanting chorus ring in one more time!

078 Zara Larsson - Lush Life

It would be difficult to pick which country produces the best music. However, I think Sweden would be one of the top picks. Hence, this newcomer with one of the catchiest songs I've heard this year. Where was this during my summer? Well, better late than never.

077 Ariana Grande - Focus

As we wait for the next album from Ariana Grande, she released this little ditty. I have gotten use to the spoken bits, and it runs in my head from time to time. The video is similar to K-Pop style - perhaps she'll also bring the same flavour in her music? We'll just have to wait and see.

076 Steve Aoki & Moxie Raia - I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki)

At the beginning of the year, I was excited to find new music. So I did some research and stumbled upon this song. It's remarkable how many emotions run through this EDM track, including when it's instrumental. This might entice me to venture into new genres of music.

075 Maroon 5 - Sugar

Doesn't this song sound familiar? Let's just say the title of the other song revolves around the same subject. However, there is an elegance to this song that is playable at wedding receptions. It's a great song, don't get me wrong - I just think Levine should refrain from the high notes.

074 Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

Pulp Fiction, revisited as a rock track with the female lead. It's incredible how it works so well, you almost forget that they sampled the main theme. These boys know what they're doing, and I can't wait to see what intense single will be coming next.

073 Omi - Hula Hoop

Yes, you could argue that this song is imitating the remix of his previous single - however, it's about my favourite childhood toy! Omar is simply taking advantage of a sound that works for him... And of course, it won't stop on the radio - just the way it should be.

072 Nick Jonas - Levels

Is it just me, or can Nick Jonas do no wrong? Even with scantly clad women all over him, he seems so innocent. Highly attractive with the vocals to prove, his turn to Dance Pop music was probably the smartest move to skyrocket his career on a entire new fanbase.

071 Fleur East - Sax

Looking at year-end review mashups, there was this song that appealed to me. Though it may not feature any saxophones, I don't think she's referring to the musical instrument in this song. Energetic and charismatic, it's the female response to Uptown Funk - but even better.

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