Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Old Music

Christina Milian - Just A Little Bit

Do you ever listen to music while showering? That's my brother. And it's not that I don't mind it, I just wish there was a variety of songs being played. Of all the songs he played, this one I liked the most. Christina Milian had a wonderful career, I wish she released more music. This could be the sole reason why she's still valid: with such a simple rhythm and message, she makes it into a hit. Though rather sexual to be listening to in the shower, the song has a vibe that makes you want more. Just making 3 minutes, it feels that the song was cut short. I think she needs to make a Part II, yes?!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Old Music

Mae - Tisbury Lane

My friend (re)introduced this song to me... I think. We were talking about a movie called 5 Centimetres Per Second (a sad film), and he said that this was in the film. I can't exactly remember when it plays (or if it's in the film at all); I saw this a long time ago. But anyways, onto the song: it's very mellow, and it puts depth to the story that is being told. The girl doesn't want to make a mistake, but she feels like it's the only way to end further sadness. But if she does make a mistake, will you forgive her? Not sure if they had other singles, hopefully they come out with more, it's intriguing.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Old Music

Diana Ross - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Being Mother's Day, I will dedicate this post to my mother :"3 She is a fan of Diana Ross, and though I could have selected any other song, this one will always be the estranged hit that I never understood. Like, why is she speaking for most of the song? But she makes it up for the chorus, that is simply genius and dramatic at once. I love it compared to the original (which is probably known by all), and she makes it a song of her own. This is how a cover is done, and with a voice like that, no one is complaining, right? My mother has great taste in music and talented artists; she knows best.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Old Music

Emeli Sandé - Read All About It, Part III

The original version was by Professor Green, which tells a story of the artists' life. Similar to his version, Sandé made her own rendition, being Part III of an incredible masterpiece. If listening to the original gave you chills, this will definitely make you cold to the bone. Her vocals are loud for all to hear, and it's truly a shame that she didn't quite breakthrough in North America. What makes it unique is how the song focuses on her message, saying that everyone must speak out to fight for what you believe in, and to always be brave. It's the message that tends to be lost in music these days.