Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Old Music

Consider this as an early celebration for Canada Day, since I am one day early for the birth of a wonderful nation. The music is quality, with a lot of acts I have yet to hear about. Which brings today's post all the way back to 1990 - this song is one year older than me.

Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall In Love

So I was listening to the radio while driving one day, and sometimes I listen to songs that I am not familiar with (due to being bored with the current music that gets killed by the radio). This little tune comes in, and it threw me in with the glittery synths and that strange cache in her voice. Not exactly raspy, not dramatic, but action-packed? Don't know how to describe it, it's unusual, and it works perfectly with this dance track. Add in some odd jewelry, a hair style only she can pull off, and voila! You've got a Canadian Act... Well, at least a one-hit wonder Act d":

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Old Music

I am into the House/Electronic scene at the moment, so finding this was quite a surprise. The only thing bigger than the song? The people behind it. Let me break it down for you...

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance

I know that I found the song earlier this month, but not exactly how... My best bet would be from browsing videos on the internet. Now you may not know Tim Berg, but you might know him better as this DJ. Yes, before he got his stage name, he used his real name to put himself on the scene. It's lighter than his current material, but it is a good song. The only thing that makes it better is the vocals. Amanda Wilson lends her voice in the track, which makes it THAT much better. She has an outstanding voice - I was addicted to her other song. Seriously, I need to follow her. But an incredible team-up right here, couldn't have picked better choices for the song. There is also a Director's Cut, but I don't think it's any different to be honest.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Old Music

Today is Father's Day, and I must say my father has good taste in music. Although he may not listen to today's music, he has a fine selection with music that would be about his young adulthood. If there is anything to say, it's that the music back then are timeless pieces. Let's take a look!

Paul Anka - Times Of Your Life

One day, my father brought back a karaoke machine he got while on vacation. Excited as ever, I had to try. Not only the song selections were a wide variety, but it came with two microphones! Naturally, my father would pick up the other microphone. Letting him pick the song, he showed me this. He said I knew the song, but I had no recall of it. Instead, I learned the song - I fell in love with it. It's an excellent song for looking back at your life, looking at all of the great times then and to come. It was even used in a commercial for Kodak (not him singing though). I think I should ask my father for more music selections, they are good! The video above is a live performance, here is the recording.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Old Music

It's funny what you find on the internet. Specifically, videos which feature songs in tutorials. And it's easy to understand this song, as there are few words that are sung.

Casker - Fragile Days

Earlier stated, I found this song on a video (yes, I do watch a lot of strange videos when I am bored). But what grabs my attention would be the music played in the background. This is a relaxing sound that you can listen to just about anywhere, may it be a cafĂ©, a lounge, a stroll in the park - it sets the mood. Although it is by a Korean band, the words that are sung are peaceful and don't distract the rest of the laid back, up-tempo Jazz. Who they are, I am not sure. But I am glad that Vloggers choose good music that open up my library to endless options.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Old Music

This is a song that I always keep forgetting about (shame on me!) So when I hear it during that rare moment, I am constantly surprised when it pops up. It's so bad, I even forgot that I already have downloaded this song -_-"

Carolina Liar - Show Me What I'm Looking For

Those church bells ring, and now I am hooked to the song. They talk about how they have found that person who saves them from themselves, and now they will pay the consequences for all the wrongdoing they have done. Without this person, they are incomplete, going nowhere - they need this person. So much passion in this song, it's almost like Christian Rock with an edge. I wonder what happened to the band, haven't heard much after this song. The sounds that are reminiscent to this are missing these days...