Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sexy Sundays: The Way You Make Me Feel

Wow, has 20 songs already gone? The time has come fast, no? But things were getting hot and heated... At last, the final entry for this project of mine is here, and who better to end a list rather than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Everyone young and old love this man, and it's not hard to see why: he makes loving seem so easy ^^

I believe this is his sexiest song, because nothing should turn someone on more than how they feel for that special someone - and it's clear by what he says to the lady at the beginning. From the banging drums, to the saxophones (oh, the 80s!), and that sound I can't describe during the instrumental break: so amazing. If that's not enough, observe his dance moves, the woman's walking, what happens in the end... It's quite passionate. There is nothing sexier than feeling the same for one another, and doing whatever you please - because it ain't nobody's business c";

Give thanks to the man who made anything sexy... Now, if only the sketchy side of town had more enthusiasm like this, pretty sure more people would be happy. By the way, remember this performance? Yeah, it's still sexy regardless of how old the song is. Now, to the song:

Thanks for following me on this little journey, expect another journey to come soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Too Close (I Wanna Sex You Up)

Here is the other entry without a music video (previous one here). This is the only mash-up that appears in this list, because it puts two sexy songs into one... So much more sexier c";

Take two bands, add some interesting lyrics, and you get yourself some satisfaction. The instrumental part comes from Color Me Badd, a 90s band who released this song the same year I was born - isn't that a fun fact? The video may be, nostalgic, but they do put the message in such a nice way, wouldn't you agree? As for the acapella, that comes from Next, a band also from the 90s with this song being their most successful - I was 6 when it was released. It makes me wonder if my childhood or teen years were worse d":

While Color Me Badd's song puts out what they want to say of so vividly, Next's single was quite hidden. It was only when I heard someone's conversation a few years ago that I got the true understanding of the song... Oh, maybe childhood was worse when it came to hidden messages x.x If you don't understand, try to dissect the chorus... Fun times ^^

I heard this mash-up on the radio, and I was in such a good mood when it was playing. It becomes more playful, and the tunes collide very nicely if I do say so myself! When it comes to getting down, Hip Hop has to be the kings of the subject. And now, enjoy the song:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sexy Sundays: White Lies

Here is an interesting selection, if I say so myself. Take a DJ, a former Pussycat Doll, and remix the original... you get something quite pleasurable. The original version is alright, but there is a new heightened sense with the remix - even the name of the remix is sexy: Aural Float (sounds delicious). It has this lounge vibe to it, and who doesn't want to be relaxed when another pleasure is about to come your way c";

This really showcases Jessica's talents, mainly because there is no one in her way to get attention of the spotlight d": But who knew how sexy she can be by herself? With a chair, on the bed, moving oh so provocatively? With moves like that, she leaves more to be imagined. Who knew that one can be turned on by a method of torture? Just don't let it happen too often, unless it's for play of course. Now, let the stakes go up as you go out and have fun: