Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Old Music

Claire - Invincible

Let's take a trip to Germany, shall we? There is this band, which is a blend of Rock and Electronic with hints of Pop in the lyrics. It's a fairly simple song, but still empowering. When it comes to this type of track, I think it would have been more powerful if they went for a stronger guitar riff, or a hard-hitting voice; either way, it's missing something... But nonetheless, it's still impressive, and it would definitely get me moving on the dance floor. If clubs played a little more Rock undertones like these, then that would be the perfect mix for a good night.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Concert Review: On The Road Again Tour

The time has finally come where I get to see these four boys all the way from England (and one from Ireland). It may not have been what expected, but that is certainly a good thing. Consider it astounding in a different way. This is the One Direction experience.

A sign my friends made me years ago... It's still relevant!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Old Music

Shoshana Bean - Again

Think Gospel, but without the religious content. That is how I would describe Shoshana Bean. It's a soulful piece, with minimal choir support, allowing her vocal talent to shine. Not overpowering, there is this harmonious blend that puts it all together with some surprising results. There is this old school vibe to it, which I really appreciate. Yes, it is slow, but sometimes a little slowing down is all you need to unwind and clear your mind. Although she ma be a broadway actress, it shows that her vocal talent is not limited to only one genre. This is quite the track from such a star.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Old Music

Charlotte Martin - The Dance

I have heard this song years ago, but I never figured out what it was called. The easiest solution would have to ask my cousin - but for some reason, I decided that years later, I would simply Shazam instead. A fan favourite for Contemporary dancers, its soft rhythm creates a bigger atmosphere to the song, emphasizing on the lyrical content about a difficult romance that seems impossible to let go. The verses in the song could have used more work vocally (feel like it's too simple), but the chorus is hypnotizing enough to take you on such a tragic journey.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Old Music

Matt Alber - End Of The World

My friend showed me this song a while ago, and it's still beautiful from the first time I heard the song. I can't quite put what I think about this song into words, but let me try. To me, this sounds like a broadway production, where the protagonist comes and reveals everything he feels within the time span. It tugs at the heart strings, and the pain can be felt with every word sung. Like a part of your heart has chipped, and you are dying to just piece it back together. It just goes to show you that simplicity is just enough, especially when the emotions come rolling in.