Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Old Music

Swing ft Dr. Alban - Sweet Dreams

You know it's the 90s when: a) it's Europop, and b) it samples a song roughly 10 years its senior. Not exactly like the rest, where it samples the beat. Instead, it adds rap verses to a dance beat that people got down to in the 90s (yes, this is what is essentially sounded like). It cradles between a fine line of awesome and awful, and I don't quite know where it stands. Just remember this: the 90s were very open to anything, so it was certainly a hit back in its days. Not really sure of the artist, but he made an interesting song to begin with even more interesting. Well played, sir, you make me confused d";

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Old Music

Stefy - Chelsea

Remember the film John Tucker Must Die? Typical story of how boy dates three girls at once, as they try to destroy him by adding the new girl into the mix. I guess that's why this song fits in with the film, because she found her man all over Chelsea o_o! After all, everybody is looking for something c"; But the strange thing about this song is, she is blaming herself for leaving him with her... What a twist that is. So is she angry, or regretting her decision for knowing what was going down? It's certainly a torture game with this song, making perfect sense to sample the beat of Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Old Music

The Cheetah Girls - Everybody

Although this single is well known by Britney Spears, the demo by the Cheetah Girls have a different vibe. For starters, they are a band aimed towards kids, so the song has to be 'clean,' even though 'Sweet Dreams' isn't really, well, appropriate. Second, they give their own flavour to the song, like it's sexier when they don't sing the obvious (innocence is a turn on, perhaps?) And finally, maybe this is a song that you get your groove on, if you know what I mean. After all, all flavours are available [if you know what I mean ;)] Not too shabby for a sampling, making it more appealing than it already is.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Old Music

P!nk ft Redman - Get The Party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix)

If there is one iconic song of the 80s, I think it would have to be Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams. With the blessing of that song, this month is dedicated to artists who have sampled them in their work. To begin things, P!nk made a remix of her smash single 'Get The Party Started.' When I heard this, I honestly thought it was so off that it was totally on! There is a funk persona added to the song, like mischief is about to happen, but when you least expect it. Eerily danceable, yet I want to song to continue beyond 4 minutes. Thank you to P!nk & Redman for creating such a unique twist to the hit!