Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Old Music

Any plans for Halloween? If not, get into this mix that I made a very long time ago. It contains the main four songs that I love to hear every year. They may not exactly be scary, but definitely makes you want to dance.

Halloween Megamix

Truth be told, I have never gone clubbing during Halloween. I expect it to be fun, especially with everyone dressed up and allowing the inner demon come out to haunt those around them. And if I were to ever go clubbing on such an eventful day, I would like to hear the songs I put in this mix while I was there. I'm pretty sure one of them will ALWAYS be played, but it would be amazing to hear them in one night while on serial killer mode… to the dance floor, that is. Maybe one day, but for now, it's all about the music I'm into. Happy Halloween to all, and to all may it not be your last night.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Old Music

Two weeks in a row, we have more music from a game! Curse Tap Tap Revenge! So sad, I didn't save my data when updating the phone, and lost all the songs I purchased ._. Oh well, perhaps it's a sign that I have enough music from that game... Never.

The Royal Concept - Gimme Twice

Sounds familiar? It's strange how I like the same thing all over again, but it's a nice change from everyday Pop music I'm comfortable with. There is this romanticism behind it, trying to be edgy without saying 'love' in the lyrics. It's pretty much something you can have fun with, carelessly dancing the night away to or casually drinking to forget your worries. Any, what the heck? Go out and enjoy yourself. Easy listening music makes any party feel relaxed.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Old Music

How many songs have I posted that comes from a game? Let's add another one, because it's obvious that games know what is good - or bad - or, something that you didn't expect. Whoever is searching for such lost songs, they are doing a fantastic job at it.

The Relay Company - Animals

Think it's the beat that throws me off. They sound like a Rock Band, but changed the rhythm so it's more electronic. Like they morphed typical Teen-Rock with Amateur DJ techniques. Not sure if it's amazing, or terrible; but I can't resist its charm? Just listen to the song, the music video is off for me... Almost ruining childhood, but I think they didn't get the comedy note right on. Since this piece, their sound is more typical Teen Rock, and that sounds more like them. But this was certainly an effort for them, and should be looked at, just for kicks.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Old Music

Pretty sure I found this song a long time ago, but I have gotten to like it more and more after listening to it a few more times. Maybe giving songs another try wouldn't be such a bad thing? After all, discovery can also be re-discovery c";

Afrojack ft Eva Simons - Take Over Control

I think DJs know what good music is, because they always hire the best vocals on their track. Enter Eva Simons, a girl who is usually known for collaborating on amazing pieces. I don't know exactly what part of the song I didn't like before, but I am glad that I gave it another try. Me thinks it's the lyrical content that I ignored that I actually listened to this year... And it's pretty solid, but mixing sounds with violins will always take me away. Can't help it, I'm a sucker for them. So here's to the unsung heroes who know what the world needs. Thank you Afrojack.