Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Old Music

C2C - Down The Road

Tired of this Western/Dance collision? I'm not, it keeps getting better and better. And clearly, it was hot 2 years ago, and it's still hot today. Take a DJ, scratch an old-ispired song, and it becomes one fun Dosey-Doe (might be the wrong dance, but can't think of a more Western styled dance than that). It's the person one might fear when they enter the bar, because you know it's going to be one long night once they entered the room. That's what I think of this song, it keeps you interested, but you don't want to entice it, otherwise it'll explode on you. Well done to the French DJs, and an amusing video as well.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Old Music

Sub Focus ft Alpines - Tidal Wave

I can't remember which website I saw the video where students from Purdue Gymnastics just basically showed off. Though entertaining, it doesn't really reflect the ideas behind the sound. This is rather slow Electronic music, but the genre can be described differently depending who you ask. Peaceful, yet loud at the same time, its simplicity makes an impact towards the end where it gets busy. Consider this song a metaphor for the message behind it: slow and steady, leading to faster and more exciting stages c"; It's okay if you don't get it right now, but just know that it is not simply an innocent song... Perfect for summer.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Old Music

Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii

To celebrate Father's Day, I give this discovery to the man that my father has adored for years. I guess you can say when it comes to karaoke, my father likes to imitate a voice similar to the King himself. And since there is a summer theme to this month's postings, I have picked the most tropical song I could find that I never heard of before. It has everything you imagine in a Hawaiian song: ukeleles, xylophones, and that strum that reminds you of waves. Here's to the man that brought romance to both the screen and to the ears of many. In a sense, you could say fathers are like Elvis, the person that others want to be or be with. Got to give it to fathers, they are fascinating people that leave you in awe.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Old Music

ICE - ไอซ์ ศรัณยู (Dare)

You may not know what's going on in the song, but that idiotic sound they make with their mouth is definitely infectious to the point that you'll be doing it without thought. For those who are not familiar with the artist, his name is Ice Sarunyu. Long time ago, I had an estranged relationship with Thai Music, because of its amusement. This one is no exception, and when it comes to this artist, there is always something that he comes up with that makes you smile. Whether it's nonsense lyrics or stupidly easy dance moves, it makes me wonder why Thai Music hasn't made a breakthrough like KPop d":

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Old Music

Priyanka ft Pitbull - Exotic

Now that it is June, let's heat things up with some absolutely hot music that I have just discovered. You may have not heard of Priyanka before, but I'm pretty sure you are familiar with Beauty Pageants c"; She won the title of Miss World back in 2000, and now she is one of Bollywood's biggest stars. Now she tries to conquer the music scene, and this single ain't too shabby. It's a Dance Track (what else would you expect?), and she teams up with Pitbull... If that's not an instant hit, I don't know what is. What makes the song stand out are the Hindi parts, and the fact that when she sings, she makes her lyrics sound sensual than just saying it. Wonder what else she's got, I am very intrigued. Not really sure why it's her song when Pitbull has more to do with it than she does - but let's give her a try, shall we?