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Sincerely, 2014

Not every song can make it into the annual countdown. That's why it kills me to have these songs in their own countdown. Some of the songs were the biggest hits of this year. The only thing that keeps me from putting them into my countdown would be when the song was released. Without further adieu, these are the biggest songs carried from 2014.

Hiding true colours made you fall apart...

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Top 100 of 2015: 60 to 51

The Collaborations

But this place I'm in, it feels so real, gotta sit back and exhale...

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New Old Music: The Best Discoveries

Music has always been a fascination for me - specifically, finding out what is new music to me. Some times, there are songs that become popular as years pass by. It's truly amazing to see it gain attention. Not to be forgotten, here are the 10 best songs I found this year.

Try to forget all the things that I did to myself, and in time I see it fading...

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Honourable Mentions

2015 marked an incredible year for music. It's quite all over the place, but somehow, I managed to do it. Unfortunately, not every song can break my personal Top 100. So without any notice, let's get to the contenders of music.

Two villains on the run, yeah, two kids following the sun...