Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Old Music

One day, when I should have been studying, my friend introduced to a game that would eventually lead me to having two versions of the same application on my phone... I curse & thank him at the same time. Ever since the game provided free music, I have been introduced to some new songs. This is one of them.

Coleman & Chris - Outta My Head

The game is called Tap Tap Revenge, and on the Tour version, a new song is given every time you play the Tour game. That is 3 songs per tour, or 5 depending how well you play. So when I got to play this song, I felt satisfied like a void has been filled. It might be the fact it sounds almost 90s/early 2000s,  or that it's one of those songs you enjoy for a limited time - and that's perfectly okay. I think it was released at the wrong time, but it's nice to reminisce on nostalgic sounds (even if it's from 2012).

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