Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Like A Virgin

If there is anyone who knows what sexy is all about, it has to be Madonna. This year she is 54, and she still looks amazing! *Needs to go and work out...*

Anyways, let's get to the song: of all the singles that she has released, I believe this has to be the most sensual one. Sure, there are more suggestive lyrics in her other songs, but none can be compared to this little ditty. A part of her was missing, and in comes Casanova to rescue her. Finally, all those days of exhaustion are over! So satisfied, it's like experiencing it all over again for the first time.

Oh how this song brings back memories of singing this whenever karaoke parties came around... The best times. And how does a song like this live on for so long? By re-inventing it, of course! She is performing this on her latest tour, but this one has to be my favourite... And let's not forget an infamous scene almost a decade old!

Got to give it up to the queen of pop! Now let's turn up the heat, shall we:

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